Sauce Performance Testing

Shift Front-end Application Performance Left

Sauce Performance helps developer and QA organizations enhance and maintain the user experience of their apps with detailed front-end performance metrics, along with the ability to capture and address regressions early in the CI/CD pipeline. Eliminate costly delays without having to create new scripts or deploy new infrastructure.

TRACK & IMprove user experience where it matters

With Sauce Performance developers have access to a complete history of detailed front-end performance metrics for all URLs under test (e.g., Page Load Time, Time to Interactive, Time to First Meaningful Paint, Speed Index, and more). Know the front-end performance of your web application early in the dev cycle and where optimization opportunities lie.


Sauce Performance automatically establishes performance baselines using ML algorithms for tested URLs and will programmatically notify devs of changes impacting application performance.

Sauce Performance Features

By using Sauce Performance, developers can start establishing the performance baseline for their core user experience metrics. During each test, Sauce Performance will create a report and establish baselines for each URL under test. The resulting audit provides visibility into any issues that are affecting the way the page was loaded and identifies which metrics and processes contributed to the page load time.

CLI Tools & Framework Integrations

Easily run performance tests using our CLI tool and quickly compare application performance against established baselines.

Front-End Audit & History

Understand your end-user experience by capturing metrics such as Time to First Meaningful Paint, Time to First Interactive, Page Weight, Speed Index, and much more.

Algorithmic Baselines

Capture application performance metrics and automatically discover true regressions.

Quickly Debug Discovered Issues

Use trace data and film strip as the ultimate debugging log to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues.

Want to learn more about Sauce PERFORMANCE?

Check out these resources to learn more about Sauce Performance, and how Sauce Labs can be your single solution for both functional and front-end performance testing.