Sauce Headless Testing

Test earlier in the pipeline to deliver quality code faster

As testing shifts left, it is crucial that developers have access to the right platform to get fast feedback on code quality, without infrastructure constraints becoming a bottleneck. Sauce Headless provides an efficient solution to spin up headless Chrome and Firefox browsers to receive fast pass/fail data on early pipeline component tests, sanity checks, and pull request tests.

When combined with cross browser testing later in the pipeline, Sauce Headless provides a comprehensive, fast and secure solution for both QA and development teams that want to implement true continuous testing and deliver better quality software while accelerating build efficiency by 50%.

Increase build efficiency

By providing a scalable infrastructure to run small, atomic tests in parallel to get instant feedback on code quality before integration, Sauce Headless improves code quality earlier in the pipeline to ensure that bugs are caught before they integrate into the pipeline and become difficult to fix.

Single Unified Testing Experience

Sauce Headless provides pass/fail data to give developers fast feedback on quality. When combined with the Sauce Labs Cross Browser platform, teams now have more access to the infrastructure and tools they need to test applications throughout the development pipeline.

Test Securely in the Cloud

With out-of-the-box Sauce Connect support, Sauce Headless provides a secure solution to execute early pipeline testing without fear of compromising your data.

Expand Testing to Every Team

Sauce Headless provides a cost-effective solution that allows teams to embrace the shift left movement. Don’t waste time and resources building or maintaining testing infrastructure, and instead keep teams productive by running tests on the award-winning Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud.

How Does Sauce Headless Differ From Cross Browser?

Sauce Headless is meant to be a complementary solution to our cross browser offering. It is still suited best for full end to end functional testing later in the pipeline, as it has the comprehensive coverage of browsers/operating systems, the ability to access live testing, and the full suite of debugging tools to help troubleshoot failures. Sauce Headless gives developers access to a lightweight infrastructure that they can run in massive parallel for quick feedback on the quality of their apps earlier in the delivery lifecycle.

Features Available in Sauce Headless Available in Cross Browser
Comprehensive Browser Coverage Chrome and Firefox only (3 most recent versions)
Comprehensive OS Coverage Linux only
Real Device Testing
Live Testing
Debugging Information Logs and Screenshots only
Sauce Connect
Team Management
Extended Debugging
Self-Service Access
Multi-Regional Access

* Sauce Headless can be accessed from all of our users around the world, but currently it is only hosted in our US-based data center. Expansion to the EU data center is on the roadmap

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