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Make Sure You're Ready for the New W3C WebDriver Protocol

On June 5, 2018 WebDriver moved to a W3C recommendation. Because the standard will be implemented in future browsers, it's important that you know what's changing and how it impacts your Selenium and Sauce Labs test scripts. Here's where we'll post all the information on what's new and useful tips on how to implement your tests with the new protocols to help you transition to the new protocol.

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In this short video you will learn what Sauce Labs commands in existing Selenium Java test scripts need to be altered to be compatible with the new protocol.

What is the new W3C webdriver Protocol?

Selenium WebDriver protocol defines the ways that browser actions are executed. The W3C has moved the WebDriver spec to a recommendation, which means it has officially received the endorsement of W3C. The new protocol includes updates to some of the commands and introduces new commands to support capabilities in today's modern browsers.

Why is the W3C Protocol important?

In the future, browser vendors may require the use of the W3C protocol to test apps. So its important that you begin thinking about and modifying your tests now so that you will be prepared when changes are implemented.

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When does the new protocol go into effect?

W3C has moved WebDriver to a recommendation, which means upcoming versions of Selenium will begin to require it, however, Sauce will continue to support older versions of Selenium as usual.

How does this Affect my Selenium tests on Sauce labs?

Sauce users will need to adjust their WebDriver initialization commands to be compatible with the W3C protocol. Sauce-specific configuration "capabilities" will now need to be grouped under a "sauce:options" key.

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Try the new W3C protocols today

The W3C protocol is available for early testing now on the Sauce Cloud in Selenium v3.8 and greater. Read our docs on how to implement these commands.

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Language Bindings

Make sure you are using a Selenium language binding version that supports the new W3C protocol. Language bindings can be downloaded at the Selenium HQ website.