Unit Testing

Run unit tests across real browsers to ensure your JavaScript works in every environment

Get better test coverage

Test on more browsers than ever with less effort. We have access to over 900 browser and platform configurations. No more installing or updating browser versions or provisioning VMs.

Tests are run within our secure data center on brand new VMs that are destroyed after each run, ensuring customer data is never exposed to future sessions.

Works with your setup

Access to all major desktop browsers and operating systems, mobile emulators, and real mobile devices eliminates the overhead of internal infrastructure.

Run Your Existing Tests

Use any JavaScript unit testing framework or test runner.

We have integrations for most popular frameworks, including Jasmine, QUnit, Mocha and YUI.

JavaScript Unit Testing

See our complete REST API documentation for more info. If you’re new to JavaScript unit testing, check out our tutorial to get started.

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curl -X POST$SAUCE_USERNAME/js-tests
          -d platforms='[["Windows 8", "internet explorer", "10"],
    ["OS X 10.8", "safari", "6"]]' \
          -d url="" \
          -d framework=jasmine