API Testing and Monitoring Platform

Automated API test generation. Fast debugging. Secure connections.

Just add Sauce to any development or quality toolchain for continuous API quality. Securely protect private data with free Sauce Connect tunnels - trusted by the engineering teams behind many of the world’s most valuable brands.

API Testing Automation and Monitoring

Achieve continuous API quality

Transform API testing and monitoring for massive scalability and speed without increasing risk. Execute comprehensive API testing in mere seconds to cover a lot of business logic and functional testing. Eliminate bottlenecks. Empower microservices teams to ship increments with confidence.

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Future-proof your toolchain

Sauce Labs API Testing and Monitoring is a microservices platform made completely of APIs. Unify all quality insights, reporting, debugging, and automation at a centralized platform. Collaborate with modern DevTest efficiency and achieve cloud maturity faster.

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Rapid time to value

Today’s ultra-fast release cycles and iterative development demand quality at speed despite increasingly shorter testing times. Only Sauce Labs has fully embraced the challenge by reimagining API testing and monitoring for higher productivity and faster debugging.

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ROI and security

With more than 4 billion tests run, Sauce is trusted by our customers to optimize developer experience and streamline DevTest workflows. Enabling people is the fastest way to increase the ROI of testing across the lifecycle. And, we remain committed to our leadership in testing security with Sauce Connect.


Demo video

See the new cloud Sauce Labs API Testing in action - from automated test generation to fast debugging. View demo.

Case study

Global retailer switches to Sauce Labs API Testing Automation and Monitoring for CI/CD pipeline and microservices. Read more.


A False Sense of Security: Why API Tests and Monitors Fail to Detect and Diagnose Many Bugs. Download eBook.


See how to increase confidence in almost every stage of the API lifecycle with Sauce Labs API Testing and Monitoring. Learn more.

Get a comprehensive guide to API testing

If you're just starting on your API testing journey, we’ve got you covered! Get started with API testing.

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Sauce Labs named a "Strong Performer" in the Forrester Wave™ for Continuous Functional Test Automation

The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Functional Test Automation Suites, Q2 2020

Core Capabilities

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End-to-end functional testing

Generate dynamic data-driven functional API tests from API calls or spec files such as Swagger, OpenAPI or Postman Collections. Edit and improve tests with JavaScript or use our intuitive Test Composer. Get countless options to easily make your tests more data-driven and flexible when connecting API calls for end-to-end testing.

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API monitoring

Go beyond uptime monitoring to transform the SLA performance of internal and third-party APIs. Reuse API tests as functional monitors that can be executed via CI or a built-in scheduler for complete control of API monitoring in any environment. Learn more about what traditional uptime and infrastructure or synthetic monitors fail to detect in this eBook.



Run Sauce Labs in parallel (via API) with almost any platform in your toolchain: data dashboards like Datadog, Elastic Kibana, Splunk & others; CI/CD tools, incuding Azure DevOps, BitBucket, Jenkins, & CircleCI; management platforms, like MuleSoft Anypoint, Google Apigee, TIBCO Mashery & more, plus other notification, test case management and version control tools.

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API mocking

Coming soon: Leverage advanced API mocking to kill pipeline dependencies, and shift API testing left as early as the design phase. Write API tests in parallel with API development even when services are unavailable or rate limited. Build API mocks manually or generate from live traffic.

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Contract testing

Coming soon: Generate consumer-driven contract tests from spec files or recorded API traffic. Instantly heck on whether changes to spec files will be accepted by the producer and whether problems may arise if they are accepted, speeding up the debugging process.

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API load testing

Coming soon: Re-use functional tests as API functional load tests that capture end-to-end issues impacting performance. Isolate load issues in the API layer with detailed reporting, and accelerate debugging throughout the lifecycle.

In-depth demo

Explore the Sauce Labs API Testing and Monitoring platform in action using Sauce Connect tunnels for unparalleled API testing security in the cloud.

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Detect more API bugs and vulnerabilities

Optimize observability with a complete range of validation capabilities, including data-driven E2E testing and negative testing of endpoints and flows. A centralized platform helps to ensure high observability in every deployed test and monitor.

  • Reuse functional tests as end-to-end tests that check whole API consumer flows, including unlimited assertions to capture real world scenarios
  • Reduce the risk of false-negatives with end-to-end observability that includes checking API side effects
  • Detect bugs in both staging and production that impact functionality and performance
  • Follow best practices with Sauce School and Sauce Labs Enterprise Support
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Debug APIs quickly

Aggregate all API test data across your organization at a secure centralized platform, enabling real-time dashboards and a single source of truth. Feed test data to any toolchain, allowing teams using different platforms to collaborate together with a consistent approach to quality.

  • Quickly understand bugs with detailed reporting and dashboards
  • Take action quickly by feeding results to any CI/CD platform or external dashboard (BitBucket, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Splunk, GitHub, and more)
  • Integrate with your choice of notification platforms
  • Fully control how and when to execute testing thanks to CLI tools and APIs
  • Coming Soon: Compare specs (Swagger and OpenAPI) to API transactions to detect potentially dangerous anomalies during Contract Testing
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Develop APIs with quality at speed

Optimize developer velocity with the flexibility to collaborate seamlessly with anyone or any team as needed. Also, allow managers to see exactly what teams are doing and understand quickly how test results are coming along. See room for improvement and take action quickly.

  • Generate mocks and tests instantly from spec files or payloads
  • Streamline workflows by simply reusing functional tests as end-to-end tests and functional load tests
  • Generate dynamic synthetic testing data to test in staging without delays
  • Ensure automation ROI with an intuitive test composer that works for anyone—from engineers to manual testers just starting their API automation journey
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Release APIs with confidence

As features move closer to production, test flakiness may increase due to siloed processes raising the risk of human error. Although a build may pass a test designed for the goals of one internal or external team, it may not support the goals of other teams. With Sauce Labs, a single version of API health enables engineers & testers to ensure unified frontend / backend quality across all silos.

  • Enable managers to oversee internal and external testing teams
  • Continuously improve test productivity, coverage, and debugging speed with insights from Sauce Labs
  • Reuse functional and end-to-end tests written with high domain knowledge as monitors in staging or production environments

Plans and pricing

Sauce Labs plans were designed for the new ways that teams work together. Pricing is based on usage (total monthly test executions).

Get started for free

Start with the free plan - available to anyone with a current Sauce Labs account or sign up for a free account. If you run fewer than 15,000 test executions per month you'll stay on the free plan. After that, pay only for what you use - let developers, QA engineers, contractors, and managers collaborate without worrying about seat or team licenses.

On-premise API testing and monitoring

Need data-driven E2E functional testing with mocking and functional load (performance) testing now? Contact Sales to learn about deploying on-premises in a Docker or Kubernetes container. Sauce Labs will offer to migrate your on-premise instance to our cloud platform when mocking and load testing are released.

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