Partner Spotlight: QAOnDemand

On-demand scripting writing,
Sauce Labs & Jenkins setup and more

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Let’s get to the good stuff fast

We’ll set up your Sauce Labs account, hook it up to a Jenkins continuous integration server and source control and start writing re-runnable scripts in Sauce Labs within hours. No sales guy, no consulting, no minimum contract. Just use our QA QuickStart Wizard and you’re off and running. No job is too small. 

Get it right the first time, guaranteed

Let’s be honest, getting automated testing right can be tough. Let us set up your environment and write your initial tests. That way everything will work properly from day one, guaranteed. Yes, guaranteed! You only pay if you're satisfied with the services you get, and we let you get started with a free trial.

How about a day of free service?

We like to skip the promises and get to the “show me”. We’re good at what we do. Good enough that we don’t need you to commit to anything. We’ll just show you in the first day, and it’s free. After that, you’re welcome to take your code and run. Or just click the continue button and we’ll keep working until you click the pause button.

Start and stop whenever you want. Really.

That’s the point of On Demand, isn’t it!? Maybe you only need a few hours of unit testing. Maybe you need more. Our job is to make Sauce Labs and automated testing easier, not harder, so you can be the problem-solver with good news for your boss: “Hey, I found this service that will get everything going for us. The first day of development is free and there is no minimum commitment or contract to sign, we get the source code and they guarantee their work, so we don’t have to pay for work we don’t like. Seems like a no-brainer.”

Want to convert from QTP or Selenium 1 to Selenium 2?

Converting scripts is one of our specialties, and we make it easier than drive-thru. Send us your QTP or Selenium 1 scripts and we’ll send you back those scripts converted into Selenium 2 and running in Sauce Labs. If that works for you, send us more scripts. Of course it’s On Demand and our guarantee applies to everything we do. So let’s get started and you’ll see how easy we make it.

Got something else in mind?

Big or small, we’ll tackle your project with the same straightforward can-do attitude and business approach. No contracts, no sales negotiation, just expert developers and testers who are the best at what they do. So if your project is something more than our QA Wizard can handle, just shoot us an email and we’ll sort it out right there. It’s that simple.