Open Source

Read how we support open source projects with Sauce Labs.

Industry Examples


Many organizations use technology and software for the betterment of our society, whether it’s educating children or providing health services to the underserved. Sauce Labs is proud to support these important initiatives by providing free access to our testing service.  It’s the least we could do…


As reliance on open source software grows and adoption reaches the enterprise, it’s critical that open source projects maintain the same level of quality as commercial projects. That’s why we offer Sauce Labs free to open source projects. Sauce Labs is built on open source standards, so it just seems like the right thing to do.


The fact that they contribute back to the open source community is also another great reason to use them. The tools they help deliver (like Appium) have helped our team scale while keeping our QA department very lean.

In the past, I would have to find all the devices I could to live test pages. But now, I can virtually test the devices I need, plus a lot more devices that I wouldn't be able to get my hands on.

The environments are really easy to configure and the UI is very friendly.

The temporary storage they are giving is just awesome. You can run all your tests in the cloud on one powerful platform.

Being able to test on Windows without a VM has been a life saver.

It's been a joy to use and so incredibly simple.