Sauce Labs
For Open Source Projects

Free testing for open source projects

Sauce Labs relies on open source software for our cloud-based testing platform, so we enable qualified open source projets to use our platform for free. We think that’s a fair trade!

If you have an open source project, please email with your project’s repository URL and description. We'll review your project and, if it qualifies, give you access to unlimited testing minutes on up to five parallel VMs and use of all our great, time-saving features like 800+ OS/browser combos, screenshots, debugging tools and more. Our preference is for projects that provide tools or libraries for other developers to contribute to and incorporate in their projects. Open Sauce is not intended for private projects or entities that may be using open source tooling to develop projects for commercial customers. From time to time we will grant an Open Sauce license to these projects but only in exchange for a blog post or case study that will serve to educate the community at large. Please note that per our service plan, using Open Sauce means your tests and results are open to the public, and usage is subject to verification. Projects that adhere to best practices from a community perspective, including a license, are also given a leg up.

In the meantime, please feel free to sign up for our free trial.