Open Sauce & COVID-19 Projects

Sauce Labs is committed to supporting open source and COVID-19 projects, with free accounts for qualifying initiatives. If your project meets the requirements, please submit this form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours with next steps.

Open Sauce Benefits

  • 5 VMs for parallel testing
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Access to 900+ desktop browser & OS combinations
  • Access to 200+ mobile emulators & simulators
  • Debugging tools and more…

Eligibility Criteria

  • Projects must be community centered with tools or libraries for other developers
  • Not for commercial or private projects
  • Must adhere to best practices from a community perspective
  • Must include an open source license
  • Must provide repository URL
  • Should include project description that covers above criteria
  • Agree to test results being open to the public
  • May be subject to project verification
  • Agree to write a blog post or participate in a case study, if requested

COVID-19 Projects, Additional Benefits & Criteria

  • Access to 1 free mobile device for live testing
  • Must be part of a non-profit/government body working on innovations to address and/or respond to COVID-19 efforts

If you work at a for-profit organization that is seeing surges or delivering services related to COVID-19, please contact our sales team for help with some flexible pricing options tailored to your needs.

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