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Why build and test with Sauce?

As the experts in automated testing, we are true to the open source Selenium and Appium frameworks so you are always testing with the latest capabilities. We offer the latest browser / OS combinations (even beta versions) so you can test your apps and be ready before new browsers get released.


900+ OS / browser combinations


100+ Emulators & simulators


2,000+ Real devices (Android & iOS)


10 Supported integrations with your favorite tool

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Sauce Labs enables many of today’s largest healthcare businesses with the ability to test quickly and securely in our cloud. With Sauce Labs, eHealthAfrica used parallelization to increase test case throughout and reduce overall test time.

Sauce offers the speed, security, reliability and scalability demanded by the world’s largest development teams. Manage test resources and access control centrally from our console or via your CI server.

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Enterprise grade security

Sauce Labs follows strict security practices and have a team of security experts who will work with you to meet your needs. Single-use VMs and thoroughly cleaned real devices ensure that your data is never left behind for someone else to see and their data won't interfere with your tests. Data centers in the US and Europe allow for the maximum compliance with data policy regulations.


Public and private mobile clouds

Test native, hybrid and web based mobile apps across iOS/ Android real devices, emulators and simulators on our public or private cloud. Test with complete control over devices along with the highest level of security. Run automated and live tests without the burden of managing a device lab.

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