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Team Management

We provide the tools to help large testing teams use their Sauce accounts efficiently. From managing team access to testing sessions, reporting and integrations with commonly used software, we offer a variety of capabilities to help you get the most our of your Sauce account.

Team management

In large organizations, assigning entitlements and permissions can be a challenging task. Our team management console lets you easily manage concurrent sessions (as well as mobile emulators and simulators) across your team whether it's a few engineers or hundreds of groups across different geographies. Assign, limit and manage concurrent sessions by individual, groups and subgroup.

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We provide usage reports to help you better manage your tests.  With our reporting function you can view the peak concurrency that each subaccount has achieved, the number of tests that have run, as well as the time when the last test was executed.  Also, managers will be able to export all of the displayed data to a CSV file for further analysis. The CSV files will contain additional fields that are not displayed in the UI (e.g. Last Login) and more detailed activity data.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

In large organizations you want to make signing into tools like Sauce Labs as easy as possible without having to submit tickets to IT. With our single sign-on (SSO) feature, members of your organization can sign into Sauce Labs using their organizational credentials, instead of having to create individual Sauce Labs accounts. We support OKTA, Active Directory and others.

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Enterprise Grade Security

Sauce Connect™ Proxy is a server that provides users with a secure way to test apps on virtual machines in our cloud (desktop, emulators and simulators). Sauce Connect opens a secure connection between a Sauce Labs virtual machine running your tests and the application, website, or data you want to test that’s on your local machine or behind a corporate firewall. For real devices we use an industry standard IPSec VPN.

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CI integrations

Enterprises that are testing at scale employ automation and Continuous Integration servers to manage their tests. Sauce Labs has developed plug-ins to make it easy to integrate testing in our cloud with the most popular CI platforms including Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI, MSFT VSTS and others.

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Restricted Domains

These help Enterprises enforce the use of the organizations’ primary Sauce account so that all team members comply with security requirements. Users are restricted from creating additional Sauce accounts or testing on unauthorized domains.

Tunnel enforcement

Sauce Connect Proxy is our secure tunnel that encrypts traffic between your servers and our test cloud. It takes an extra step while starting tests to setup a tunnel connection and sometimes this isn’t done. With Tunnel Enforcement, we require a tunnel to be established for any tests run on Sauce.

Rest API

Our REST API offers a way to directly interact with the Sauce service and bypass our dashboard for extracting test data on desktop, emulator and simulator tests. This is especially useful for those running large numbers of tests and those that want to use their test data in custom tracking or management programs. Some of the features of our API include access to: all your test data and results, test activity, ability to create, manage and delete accounts etc. We are constantly updating our API so check here for the latest information.

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