Mobile Device Testing
Manual Testing

Manual Mobile Device Testing

Manual testing on mobile devices is a great way to step through tests and experience how your app renders while interacting with hardware, memory, other apps and sensors on a real device. You can test in manual mode on either our public or your private mobile device cloud.

Reproduce Your Bugs

Quickly and easily reproduce bugs under the same conditions as your users to identify and fix issues quickly. Keep your app bug-free and avoid negative reviews in the mobile app stores.

Fast Response

Interact with your app in real time. We support very high frame / refresh rates so you can interact with your app on a device with lightning fast response times.

Adjust sensors and device settings

See how your app renders differently when a device is rotated. Input GPS location changes to ensure your app shows the correct location or updates maps appropriately. Control the device settings and switch the system language to test your localization.

Track your bugs

Access videos, screenshots and logs of each of your mobile tests. View the logcat output live in the browser that you can download and use to pinpoiont errors. Easily share your results with collegues by pushing reported issues to your Github or JIRA repositories.

Manage your apps

With our App Repository you only upload your app once. Easily view all your apps and test on the version you need.