Why build and test
with Sauce?

Why build and test with Sauce?

As the experts in automated testing, we are true to the open source Selenium and Appium frameworks so you are always testing with the latest capabilities. We offer the latest browser / OS combinations (even beta versions) so you can test your apps and be ready before new browsers get released.

Comprehensive Testing Coverage

All your automated testing needs on one platform including Web, native, hybrid and mobile web apps across desktops, mobile simulators, mobile emulators and real devices.

Enterprise Ready

Sauce is here to help you be successful with customer success managers, 24x7 support, professional services and a comprehensive training programs

Open Source- Based

We co-developed Selenium and are major contributors to Appium and we support the latest versions so you can easily make the switch from running tests on your in-house grid to Sauce.

Automated Testing Experts

Our comprehensive integrations with CI/CD platforms, one click JIRA integration and robust API are key to helping our users run over 1.3 million tests daily.

Free Trial

Get access to a free 14-day trial version, or contact Sales for more information.