Our Values

We love what we do and it’s reflected in how we do it.

Our Values are the "Soul of Sauce". It's how we remain awesome while achieving our mission. It is the unifying force that defines who we are, what we strive to be, and how we delight our customers.

Ownership Mentality.
Constant Improvement.
Respect Individuality.

Core Value Definition


We’re not just employees—we’re truly invested in our vision and the impact we have on our customers. Our ideas are not only heard, they are taken into serious consideration, and often, implemented company-wide. Because we know that we are an integral part of the company’s success, we consistently act with the customers' and company’s best interests in mind. We confidently make quick decisions on the job because we understand and are aligned with the company’s mission and purpose. As employees, we have the power to improve the way we run our business. We take pride in our work knowing it will need to last long beyond when it was created and are mindful it may be continued by others even after we have moved on. We work hard, but value our life outside of the office and make sure we reserve time to recharge, spend with family and friends, and pursue other passions.


We are committed to continually improve ourselves and our execution. We take the time to have honest and blameless retrospectives and commit to improve on the biggest impediments we identify, even if that may require a radical change in the way we operate as a team, the technologies we use, and the way we run our business. We are not afraid to try new things and take risks. We understand that mistakes sometimes happen and we place more emphasis on learning from our mistakes and moving forward. We encourage our employees to grow personally and professionally by engaging to understand their aspirations and working together to align the company and personal goals into a career plan.


Recognizing that we will spend quite a bit of time with each other, we want to be our real selves at work. We reject sterile versions of professionalism (strict dress codes, corporate art, cubicle farms), focusing instead on treating our customers and each other professionally without losing our individuality. We value the varying viewpoints that come by having a diverse team with different insights and experiences. We welcome differing opinions that help us grow and learn as a team.


When confronted with challenging decisions, we come together to brainstorm as wide a range of potential solutions as possible. Our meetings serve as a crucible to test our ideas objectively such that the best solution emerges and the team has the confidence to move forward with full commitment. Ideas live or die on their own merits - feelings about the individuals who presented them or their titles do not influence the discussion or the result. We have the courage to express ourselves and challenge ideas we do not agree with in meetings, but once we reach a decision, we all fully commit to making it succeed.


We collaborate in a trusting environment where we feel safe and are encouraged to be transparent. Our leaders are comfortable sharing plans, priorities, and financials with the employees knowing they will hold this information in confidence and have the maturity to deal with the inevitable changes as the company responds to a dynamic market. Employees are confident enough in their abilities and work to reach out for input, iterate and improve. We share knowledge openly as a team to increase our collective understanding of the business and modify our plans when needed.