The Saucers

We are passionate about creating deployable, bug-free code for the audience we love: the developer.
  • John Dunham
  • Adam Christian
    VP of Engineering
  • Steve Hazel
    VP of Product
  • Jason Huggins
  • Bill Kohrs
    Director of Finance
  • Ashley Wilson
    Director of Marketing
  • Jeremy Avnet
    Sr. Director of Infrastructure
  • Jean Sandberg
    Director of Customer Success
  • Sebastian Tiedtke
    Director of Web Development
  • Michael Redman
    Director of Sales Engineering
  • Jonathan Lipps
    Director of Ecosystem & Integrations
  • Damon Gage
    Director of Sales
  • Matt Ball
    Network Engineer
  • Rachel Birks
    Recruiting and Onboarding Manager
  • Brendan Cox
    Infrastructure Developer
  • Nicole Foley
    Creative Lead
  • Tim Gilligan
    Sales Development Representative
  • Amber Kaplan
    Marketing Communications Manager
  • Ryan Kirkman
    Software Developer
  • Bernard Kobos
    Lead Software Developer
  • Dylan Lacey
    Ruby Developer Evangelist
  • Raechel Lambert
    Finance and Operations Manager
  • Ryan Lambert
    Junior Systems Developer
  • Christina Lyle
    Demand Generation & Operations Manager
  • Fil Maj
    Software Developer, Mobile R&D
  • Megan Marsh
    Junior Software Developer
  • Mher Movsisyan
    Software Developer
  • Jack Moxon
    Account Executive
  • Isaac Murchie
    Developer, Ecosystem & Integrations
  • Lauren Nguyen
    Product Marketing
  • Colin Pade
    Software Developer in Support
  • Adam Pilger
    Sales Development Representative
  • Justin Raczak
    Product Manager
  • Andrew Rozell
    Infrastructure Architect
  • Mathieu Sabourin
    Software Developer
  • Paige Saez
    UX/UI Designer
  • Jakub Siemiątkowski
    Software Developer
  • Jonah Stiennon
    Developer, Ecosystem & Integrations
  • Santiago Suarez Ordoñez
    Sr. Infrastructure Developer
  • Alan Thomas
    Software Developer
  • Kareema Thomas
    Office and Events Manager
  • Chris Wren
    Software Developer

John Dunham


John Dunham enjoys turning great ideas into great companies. With his experience in Marketing, Sales, International, Business Development, Finance, and Operations, Dunham is able to create a value-based foundation and focused idea that allows for a functionally-balanced and achievable strategy to be built. Prior to Sauce Labs, John cofounded Caw Networks Inc, where he also served as a board member. Before negotiating and managing the sale of the company, John led Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Business Development. He raised $25M in venture, private and partner investment including Series B October 2001 at a 100% premium over Series A. John has also held previous and senior leadership positions at iChat, Auspex, and Sun Microsystems.

Favorite Cooking Story: I successfully salvaged a tasty meal from the spectacle of three foot flames billowing out of a gas grill from a rack of lamb gone awry.

Favorite Sauce: John's own 10-point marinade used for steaks and lamb - so good, guests always beg for the recipe!

Adam Christian

VP of Engineering

At the Open Source Applications Foundation in 2007 Adam dove head first into the challenge of cross browser JS and DOM hacks by co-creating the Windmill Testing Framework. Since then he contributed to the web and test automation effort at Rearden Commerce, Mozilla and Slide Inc.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest Adam grew up spending much of of his time hiking in the national parks and boating on the waterways there. But he doesn't miss the weather.

Favorite Cooking Story: One of my early attempts at preparing frozen breakfast for myself required some quick thinking. Smelling the burning of sugar and plastic, I looked over to discover the pop-tart laden toaster fully in flames. I unplugged it from the wall and used the cord to hurl the toaster through the door into the back yard. I'm still living in fear of rogue toasters.

Favorite Sauce: I have no choice here but to say Hidden Valley Ranch, it just works -- on anything.

Steve Hazel

VP of Product

Steven Hazel has been working in startups since Britney Spears first appeared on the pop charts. Before co-founding Sauce Labs, Steve created, an online compiler and simple collaboration tool. Previously, he served as Director of Engineering at BitTorrent, Inc, and held senior development roles at Grouper Networks (acquired by Sony Pictures in 2006), FolderShare (acquired by Microsoft in 2005), and Audiogalaxy.

Despite having a home and an office, Steve lives and works primarily in a small number of cafes in San Francisco.

Favorite Cooking Story: A college roommate once convinced me to try putting bananas in a curry. Pro tip: don't put bananas in curry.

Favorite Sauce: Steve grew up in Austin, Texas, and is sure he'll never get tired of salsa.

Jason Huggins


Jason Huggins is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Sauce Labs. Prior to Sauce, Jason was a testing engineer at Google in Mountain View where he worked on the scaled test automation of Google web applications. Jason's experience also includes time at ThoughtWorks in Chicago. While at ThoughtWorks, Jason created Selenium, an integrated tool for automated web site testing.

When not programming in Python or JavaScript, Jason enjoys hacking on Arduino-based electronics projects. Jason has spent time in New York City, LA, and the Bay Area, but Chicago is his kind of town.

Favorite Cooking Story: I can't wait for the day I figure out how to make my own croissants from scratch. Until then, I'm doodling plans for building a 'Mr. Croissant' kitchen complement to Mr. Coffee.

Favorite Sauce: Iams Savory Sauce. When dogfooding your applications, don't forget the sauce!

Bill Kohrs

Director of Finance

Bill Kohrs worked at IBM from 1978 to 1990 in a variety of sales management positions, followed by 4 years opening up IBM China in Beijing China. He was Vice President of Oracle Latin America from 1990 to 1995, Vice President of Services at Memco Software from 1998-1999, and Vice President of Services and Operations at from 1999 to 2001. Bill worked on several large non-profit building projects from 2002 to 2005 before becoming Vice President of Finance and Administration at Climos, Inc from 2005 to 2009. He joined Sauce Labs in June 2009 and handles all finance and administration responsibilities.

Favorite Cooking Story: Truly ungifted when it comes to cooking, a roommate once handed me a pan of lamb chops and told me to "put it on the barbecue." He returned 15 minutes later to find that I had put the lamb, still in the pan, on the barbecue. Thus was born my culinary masterpiece known to this day as "Pan 'o Lamb."

Favorite Sauce: Wasabi, until my eyes water, followed closely by Worcestershire.

Ashley Wilson

Director of Marketing

Ashley crafts community and marketing at Sauce. With a particular interest in bringing folks together to connect and share ideas, she also organizes many community events, including the Mobile Testing Summit, the annual Selenium Conference, as well as the Continuous Delivery and Selenium Meetup Groups in San Francisco.

Prior to joining Sauce and the tech world, she was grooming herself for the newspaper business, majoring in journalism at Indiana University and working for various newspapers and magazines. A native of Atlanta, Ashley moved to San Francisco on a whim after what was supposed to be just a 3-day vacation. It was the best thing she could have ever done.

Favorite Cooking Story: When I was 14, I was tasked with making the pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. After dinner, I proudly served it to my family and was told to take the first bite. Moments later, I realized with horror I had forgotten a key ingredient - SUGAR! I will never forget the year we went without pumpkin pie.

Favorite Sauce: Ginger soy dipping sauce. I could drink it.

Jeremy Avnet

Sr. Director of Infrastructure

Jeremy leads the infrastructure dev teams at Sauce. His background is in system administration (~10 years) and software development (6+ years). His academic background in complex adaptive systems was punctuated by attending Santa Fe Institute's complex systems summer school in Qingdao, China. Jeremy was a founder of and the Senior System Administrator at BitTorrent, Inc.

Jeremy is just wild about asian teas.

Favorite Cooking Story: In college, my chemist girlfriend and I wanted to make chai. In order to maximize flavor she flipped the lid of the pot and put ice in it. This created a janky reflux apparatus in which vaporized essential oils would condense on the lid and fall back into the mix. I've been using this technique ever since.

Favorite Sauce: Jeremy's robust gravy made from a mushroom stock reduction and ghee roux. This is made from the stock remaining after cooking a seitan "roast". Not only is it great use the left-over stock, it's one of the best gravies I've had.

Jean Sandberg

Director of Customer Success

Jean has done a little bit of everything in the tech world but she loves building teams and being between between the customer and engineering. A native of Chicago, she studied Computer Science at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. She moved to Seattle for grad school and never left the west coast. Her first job out of school was at Microsoft, where she worked on Windows 95. Prior to joining Sauce, she worked for 8 years at Silver Spring Networks, where she took part in the insidious plot to install smart meters everywhere. She likes being outdoors, riding her bike, listening to podcasts, and building things with her young son.

Favorite Cooking Story: I grew up eating my mom's homemade chocolate cake on all birthdays. With 8 siblings, this meant cake 11 times per year! I now make it for many of my husband's, son's and friends' birthdays. I once sent the recipe and some ingredients to my friend in the Peace Corps in Honduras. After she made it, everyone in the small town came to her to make their birthday cakes. I loved thinking about my mom's cake being eaten in the mountains of Central America.

Favorite Sauce: Thai curries.

Sebastian Tiedtke

Director of Web Development

Born and raised at the foot of the Alps just outside of Munich in Germany, Sebastian spent his youth listening to David Hasselhoff songs. He wore Lederhosen and eagerly anticipated the day he could legally drink his first stein of beer.

When daddy put the first computer on his desk in the mid 90s, Sebastian quickly went on to figure out BASIC, Pascal and C/C++. Rainy afternoons were filled with building websites, countless iterations of Linux kernel makefile tweaks and compiler runs.

Before joining Sauce, Sebastian finished a degree in Software Development (in Munich), he spent almost a decade building customer information systems making transit information more accessible for people living in large metropolitan areas worldwide. His job commitment and passions for technology eventually made him move to San Francisco in 2009.

When Sebastian is not busy improving the Sauce experience he likes to take joyrides on his 1961 vespa. He's a natural optimist in life and always sees the stein half full.

Favorite Cooking Story: We forgot to bring firestarters for the BBQ grill on a vacation trip to Ireland, so I decided to use margarine instead. While I explained how the Mont Blanc tunnel fire got triggered (by a cargo truck stocked with margarine) the grease in the grill hit its flash point and the whole thing blew up in a ginormous fireball. From this day on, whenever I touch the margarine at breakfast, people run and seek shelter.

Favorite Sauce: Everything that goes well with sauerkraut, obviously.

Michael Redman

Director of Sales Engineering

Michael has spent his career working for first class software companies such as Mercury Interactive, HP, New Relic and now Sauce Labs. He is very passionate about high quality software and being able to provide Software Engineers with awesome software that helps them ensure quality.

When Michael is not busy closing deals and working on customer's technical issues enjoys coaching youth basketball and baseball, specifically teaching kids how to crush a baseball.

At Sauce Labs he is looking to build the next generation of Sale Engineers. Just like the Web transformed so has the craft of a Sales Engineer not too much Sales not too much Engineer.

Favorite Cooking Story: I'm really not a cook but I do challenge anyone to a good old fashion Bobby Flay throw down (mashed potatoes).

Favorite Sauce: Tabasco!

Jonathan Lipps

Director of Ecosystem & Integrations

Jonathan taught himself programming at a young age, beginning with BASIC and Pascal, and always believed he would become a computer scientist, but in college decided to refactor his approach to life and add an abstraction layer in the form of two degrees in Philosophy. Philosophy being useless for paying rent, Jonathan worked as a software developer for the next 5 years for various startups.

Jonathan then did a degree in Linguistics at Oxford. On the way to subsequent graduate study, the sticky tentacles of web development (read: the desire to build something) drew Jonathan back to San Francisco. Jonathan eventually discovered Sauce Labs and was attracted, given his painful experiences with local Selenium testing, to the obvious value of cloud-based integration tests.

Favorite Cooking Story: I love cooking, baking, and brewing beer, and usually pride myself on the faithfulness of my culinary products to their Platonic forms. Occasionally things don't go so well. One recent brewing expedition (an American Pale Ale) appeared to be proceeding normally until we left the fermenter alone in the apartment for a few days. We came back to fully half of the beer splattered over the walls and floor. Apparently the airlock had gotten clogged and the yeast had built up enough pressure to expel 2.5 gallons of liquid all over the house. Never underestimate a barrel of eukaryotes!

Favorite Sauce: The Indonesian Peanut Sauce from this awesome recipe.

Damon Gage

Director of Sales

Damon has spent 15 years in a variety of sales leadership roles. He has been responsible for the successful development, launch and execution of a variety of direct and channel sales programs. In particular, Damon has an intimate understanding of the Software as a Service (SaaS) and web-touch selling model having spent almost six years helping to build WebEx, the leader in on-demand collaborative applications, into one of the largest SaaS companies in the world, prior to its purchase by Cisco. Damon’s background includes various sales leadership roles at Cisco, WebEx, ARAMARK and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

In his free time, Damon Gage enjoys spending time with his 2 beautiful daughters. When he is not doing that, you can find him in the water passionately surfing, or on the mountain snowboarding.

Favorite Cooking Story: I have to admit that cooking is not one of my best attributes, but I do love a good barbecue. My typical barbecue story goes something like this - start out with the flame too high and the meat catches fire. Immediately moving to me thinking the meat is done, taking it off the grill, only to realize that it is still cold inside. Finally, putting it back on the grill only to figure out that is has been over-cooked.

Favorite Sauce: I am firm believer that the more saucy the meal, the better. Any sauce will do!

Matt Ball

Network Engineer

The past eight years of Matt’s career have been spent designing, maintaining and deploying network infrastructure in many different capacities and industries—helping build variably sized but ultimately small corners of the vast global network that allows us to work and play online. With a keen interest in automation, and working on the Operations team, Matt is helping take Sauce Labs' cloud to new heights.

Favorite Cooking Story: Waking up mid-morning Saturday to a delicious homemade crockpot stew really sets the weekend up right. It just does.

Favorite Sauce: Worcestershire

Rachel Birks

Recruiting and Onboarding Manager

Rachel handles all the recruiting and onboarding processes here at Sauce. From sourcing to scheduling to offer letters and everything in between. Rachel has spent the last 2+ years in recruiting and has enjoyed every opportunity to build great teams for spectacular companies.

Life before Sauce included a degree from UC Santa Cruz, a short stint in the real estate world, and traveling around Europe for an extended period of time. After her adventures abroad, she returned to the Bay Area and began her career in the tech industry. Tahoe is her one true love and she will take any opportunity to escape the bay to go snowboarding. When she isn't working, you will find Rachel making jewelry, painting, leaving the country to explore, enjoying a glass of wine or snacking on any dish that includes bacon.

Favorite Cooking Story: My Dad bought me a BBQ in college that I rarely used. Feeling guilty about this, I invited all my friends over for some good old fashioned burgers. It was a really windy night and the smoke was ruining any chance of me looking like a skilled cook. Feeling a bit desperate, I decided to put on my swimming goggles to avoid the smoke. After dinner, we all tried on the goggles for a funny photo op. I am not sure what people remember more, the food or the photo fun, but nonetheless, we all had a good laugh and the BBQ was a success.

Favorite Sauce: Sweet Hot Mustard (Beaver Brand).

Brendan Cox

Infrastructure Developer

Having grown up with Logo, HyperCard and Pascal, Brendan first cut his teeth in professional software development at UC Berkeley where he wrote CAD and numerical simulation software for the hard disk drive industry. After nearly suffering a career-ending overdose of Fortran and recuperating in Eastern Europe, he joined a quant research team and worked in the finance industry for a number of years. After many years in the land of split-second trades, the daily grind of dreaming up evil C++ template tricks to play on his co-workers got the best of him and Brendan, once again, was forced to spend a year recuperating while vagabonding around the world.

When staying close to home he enjoys hiking, surfing and brewing up tasty ales in the back yard.

Favorite Cooking Story: Many years ago I decided to cook my girlfriend dinner for Valentines Day. The menu consisted of butter potatoes, carrots sauteed in butter and steak cooked in clarified butter with a lemon-shallot butter sauce. Sometimes in the effort to push the envelope, great explorers learn the limits. That meal proved that you can, in fact, have too much butter.

Favorite Sauce: My childhood was spent in North Carolina, so there ain't nothing like a good vinegar based BBQ sauce.

Nicole Foley

Creative Lead

After deciding academia was not for her, Nicole pursued graphic design and filmmaking to communicate messaging effectively through compelling imagery. Her work has included web, print, video…and opening a yoga studio. Running a small business honed Nicole’s marketing skills, which grew the business and its community. She was happy to own it. And even happier to sell it!

Nicole is Sauce's Creative Lead, and she’s excited to apply her varied experiences and interests to Sauce's brand development. Dance class, film festivals, SF culture and way too many other things keep her occupied and having fun.

Favorite Cooking Story: I’m on an endless quest to make ayurvedic kitchari taste awesome. Suggestions welcome.

Favorite Sauce: Papalote’s hot sauce is one of the reasons I moved to SF.

Tim Gilligan

Sales Development Representative

Tim comes in as a Sales Development Representative here at Sauce. After graduating from San Diego State University in 2011 he moved to Oregon then to Long Beach, and finally relocated to San Francisco in May of 2013. When he's not working he likes riding his bike, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and watching NBA basketball. He hopes to one day travel the world.

Favorite Cooking Story: One time I ate Thanksgiving dinner with a friend and his vegetarian older brother. For some reason we thought it was a good idea to leave the vegetarian in charge of cooking the turkey. Needless to say, the bird didn't get the attention it deserved and came out severely undercooked when the rest of the food was done. We ended up eating mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and yams for dinner with turkey as our dessert.

Favorite Sauce: Creamy Tomato Alfredo

Amber Kaplan

Marketing Communications Manager

Amber Kaplan gave a round of strangers high fives when she landed the marketing communications manager role at Sauce Labs. But her posse wasn't surprised when she got the "Hired!" email, since she's a seasoned integrated marketing professional with an emphasis on copywriting, social media, and PR. That, plus her specialties are in giving brands a cohesive voice and crafting communities.

Over the last 9 years, she's held many integrated marketing roles across various industries, the most recent being in the online video space at a startup as their community relations manager. She's also been a part of the Disposable Film Festival since close to its inception 7 years ago, and currently heads PR there.

With a passion and pension for puns, visual media, and storytelling, her aim is to delight, ignite, and excite audiences through creativity, wit, charm, and sass in many formats.

Amber is spicy, spunky, and dabbles in most awesome things (laser cutting, prosecco, or bass music, anyone?). She dislikes speaking in the third person.

Favorite Cooking Story: "So I had a terrible day. I'll tell you about it when I pick you up at the airport. Let's just say the cats and I don't do well without you around." - Fast forward to 6 hours later in the car. - "I was hungry, so I started making frozen soup. Then I went to do laundry and realized I locked the keys in the house with the stove on. The spare key was still in the house; I tried calling the neighbor but she didn't answer, so I called a locksmith. Simultaneously I tried breaking in, but to no avail. The soup had been smoking for a few minutes when the locksmith showed up just 7 minutes after my call. Turns out we have a special high security lock. So he had to take THE WHOLE DOOR OFF. The cats hid in two separate closets. The pot is now in the trash. The house smells horrible. I'm sorry." Did I feel needed? Yes. Did the house smell like a diaper full of burned Thai food? Unfortunately, yes.

Favorite Sauce: Food is really just a vehicle for hot sauce. On that note, Cholula trumps Tapatio. There, I said it.

Ryan Kirkman

Software Developer

Ryan was born and raised in Australia where he studied Software Engineering at the University of Queensland. After years of infatuation with the startup industry and a brief foray in the startup arena in Australia, Ryan moved over to San Francisco in the middle of 2013 to get a first-hand experience of the startup life with Sauce.

In his spare time, Ryan works on a few open source projects, the most interesting being cdnjs - an open source CDN he co-founded with a childhood friend. Outside of developing, Ryan enjoys working out.

Favorite Cooking Story: I once thought it would be a great idea to cook 5 kg (11 lbs) of kangaroo mince into a few giant meatloaves - dinner and lunch sorted for a week for a few people. This turned out to be a bad idea, and took almost all night to prepare and cook with two people. Once it was cooked, the meatloaf smelled terrible - like really pungent dog food. We tried feeding it to the dog, but the dog was having none of it. It had to be thrown out.

Favorite Sauce: Tomato sauce (ketchup) adds flavor to even the dullest meals.

Bernard Kobos

Lead Software Developer

Bernard started creating his first programs during primary school inspired by older brothers' IT class home assignments. During years he developed bigger and smaller applications in various programming languages both as a professional assignments and personal pet projects. During his academic years he was always in pursuit of ambitious cutting edge work and got especially interested in the web and mobile technologies as their potential started to reveal.

He started his professional career by winning a programming competition organized by vehicle tracking company at the college. He was doing most of his work as a freelancer. He was lead developer on some startups that turned out to be a huge success in Poland. He is also front-end creator of 'virtual assessment center' system for one of the biggest Polish telecom companies. Not being satisfied with innovativeness of the tasks, he started to search work beyond the borders of his home country which could better utilize his skill set.

His higher level goal is to produce efficient solutions to problems (both engineering and business) that really matter and follow good engineering practices at the same time to provide a solid codebase.

Favorite Cooking Story: One time I got full plate of excellent soup. While I was reaching to it with my spoon, in a blink of an eye, the dog jumped on the table with his front legs, took a gulp and disappeared in the same second... It turns out that you have to really watch out when you have adolescent dog near you. Really.

Favorite Sauce: My all time favorite is spaghetti tomato sauce which is a bit surprising as I generally prefer dishes that include meat. Want exact recipe? Just mail me, you're gonna love it!

Dylan Lacey

Ruby Developer Evangelist

Dylan still isn't sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but has managed to narrow it down to 'make things and help people'. Since discovering that physical things cut, burn and are bulky he's focused on making ideas which don't actually exist -- Mainly code. As the Ruby Developer Evangelist he gets to help Ruby developers (his favorite kind of people) make software (his favorite kind of thing).

He's worked in web development his entire career, skipping from test engineer to lead developer and most things in between. He started with a dusty old laptop at 15, writing QBasic code littered with gotos. Don't worry, he's better now. Ruby and Dylan met when he was forced to support a Rails 2.1 project because no one else wanted to and he drew the short straw. Sucked in, former co-workers -- he loves it.

He finds TV too passive and movies too boring, so you can find him playing videogames, keeping bees, planning unlikely hacker projects and having adventures. That's when he's not biting off more then he can chew (excuse the pun) by cooking elaborate meals for his friends, family, and anyone else who gives him an excuse

Favorite Cooking Story: Going on camp with 12 people, I decided to make Hollandaise sauce in advance so we could have Eggs Benedict on camp. (PS: Have Eggs Benedict on camp). Worried about running out, I made 2 whole Litres. Only once we were there did we realize we had no way of reheating it without splitting, so we used a plastic water bottle in a water bath and a wooden spoon to frantically stir. The plastic insulated the contents so every time we used Hollandaise there was a 15 minute 'stand and stir' routine to execute.

Favorite Sauce: Kecap Manis. It's like soy mixed with caramel, liquid diabetes with a hypertension twist.

Raechel Lambert

Finance and Operations Manager

Raechel is Sauce’s Finance and Operations Manager. She loves enabling the Saucers to do what they do best (something about writing code?) by creating slick processes and never re-inventing the wheel.

Before Sauce, she studied finance and economics in Boston and started her career in a place that was as corporate as it gets. Once she realized her passion was innovation, she chased it all the way to San Francisco (even though she'd never even visited). After a short stint as a bartender in SF’s busiest tourist trap, she’ll do anything to help you out - except make you a blended strawberry daiquiri.

Favorite Cooking Story: I once cooked for a wedding with a guest list of 250. The whole thing went off without a hitch until it was time to strain the pasta from the huge pots. I hadn’t thought about what it would be like to pour 10 gallons of boiling water into the sink.

Favorite Sauce: Chimichurri. Especially on grilled steak.

Ryan Lambert

Junior Systems Developer

Ryan helps Sauce grow and maintain their cloud. Before Sauce, Ryan spent 6 years as a mechanical engineer and had his hands in various projects including 3d printers, atomic clocks, and injection molded plastics. Ryan was always fascinated by the world software and electronics. Beckoned initially by programs like Scilab and LabVIEW, Ryan has finally given into the urge to write programs.

Favorite Cooking Story: The first time I met my mother in law, I made pancakes with my favorite sauce. With the sound of fire alarms ringing and opaque smoke in the air, I realized I'd neglected to compensate for her copper bottom stainless steel pans.

Favorite Sauce: Maple Syrup

Christina Lyle

Demand Generation & Operations Manager

Christina joined Sauce to help build an infrastructure to support the new growing sales and marketing demands. With a background in process consulting and sales, she feels she has found her calling and delighted to be at Sauce so early on in the sales and marketing org to help build process and lead generation efforts from the ground up.

A Bay Area native, Christina has had the great fortune to work at some great tech companies while honing in her skills; from to a contract stint at Google...where yes, the Google 15 IS real! Christina loves to travel and is always thinking about her next adventure.

Favorite Cooking Story: After moving into my first apartment in college, my roommate attempted to make a super complex meal (aka boxed mac n’ cheese) and realized her box had been sold to her without the cheese packet. While quite upset, she ranted on about how of course her box wouldn’t have a packet. I had a feeling this was a user error, so I checked to see what was going on, and there in the boiling water of noodles is the packet soaked through. She didn’t realize you had to remove the packet and add it later. We didn’t let her cook much after that.

Favorite Sauce: Nacho cheese sauce!

Fil Maj

Software Developer, Mobile R&D

Fil lives in Vancouver, Canada, and like all reasonable Canadians, enjoys drinking beer and all things hockey. Fil finished his computing science degree at Simon Fraser University and began his programming career working for Nitobi and helping create the PhoneGap framework. Fil's love of the web, open source and mobile was subsequently kindled, and, combined with beer and hockey, the possibilities are endless.

Fil always had a passion for testing in any software project, so his role on the Mobile R&D team at Sauce was a natural fit!

Favorite Cooking Story: Heading camping once, our group got split up and our half got lost. We had to spend the weekend camping separately. Unfortunately, our group didn't have a grill, nor very much food. Fortunately, we were the ones transporting the keg of beer. We ended up finding a discarded oven grill rack, and, combined with a bit of ingenuity and beer consumption, jerry-rigged a grill. Fun times!

Favorite Sauce: Spicy marinara

Megan Marsh

Junior Software Developer

Megan grew up in the halcyon San Francisco suburb of Novato. She earned a Kinesiology degree from USC and ended up doing clinical MRI research at UCSF. She taught herself to program in Matlab and Python to help support image processing software at her lab, and she realized programs were way more fun than academic papers… so she got herself published just to say she did it and then got employed as a developer at Sauce.

Apart from programming, Megan enjoys mud runs, scuba diving, swing dancing, and Bananagrams. She is addicted to vintage sci-fi novels and Dr. Who.

Favorite Cooking Story: I have a bad habit of experimenting with food even when the stakes are a little higher than they should be. I wanted to make a vanilla-bourbon ice cream for Thanksgiving to go with the pumpkin cake I’d made, even though I’d never made ice cream. The borrowed ice cream maker did not make the ice cream solid in time to eat, so the cake ended up getting served with a very rich, very boozy vanilla-bourbon sauce.

Favorite Sauce: That sauce. It was amazing. Seriously, I still dream about it.

Mher Movsisyan

Software Developer

Mher works at Sauce's core infrastructure team helping to scale the system and solving performance related issues. His academic background is in distributed systems. Previously he worked at RenderX, IIAP and Tethras holding various roles connected with distributed computing and text processing.

His interests include distributed systems, system engineering and messaging systems. Mher is an open source enthusiast. He is a member of @celeryq development team.

Mher enjoys hiking, skiing and swimming.

Favorite Cooking Story: Campfire is the only place when I feel comfortable at cooking.

Favorite Sauce: Ajika

Jack Moxon

Account Executive

Jack does business development at Sauce. Prior to joining he was a consultant at Harbor Research where he found time to learn Python and Django at night and on weekends. In 2009, he helped launch - a non-profit that facilitiates community agriculture in the Bay Area. He still uses his programming chops to help build internal tools for them when time permits.

Jack studied economics and political science at UCLA. He plays music, rides his bicycle, and resides in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Favorite Cooking Story: I lived in Nepal for a few months and there were persistent water shortages. One night our faucet went dry while cooking a meal. I forgot to turn the faucet off and kept cooking my lentils. The water returned overnight and I woke up with 3 feet of water in my kitchen!

Favorite Sauce: Got to be BBQ.

Isaac Murchie

Developer, Ecosystem & Integrations

Born and raised in a tiny town in rural Nova Scotia, Isaac was raised on a steady diet of punk rock and Degrassi High. While recovering, he attended McGill University in Montreal where he explored the city on his bike, in addition to studying biology and computer science.

He eventually made it to the promised land, Vancouver, where the winters are mild and the rain falls freely. He worked in a number of small companies before joining Telus to help develop their television-over-adsl endeavours. Sometime during this tenure he went to India, fell in love with Sanskrit, and began to study the language.

Before joining Sauce, Isaac read way too much poetry, got an M.A., and (at the moment) most of a Ph.D., in Sanskrit literature, and reconnected with technology. He loves elegant code and robots that do random things. Sauce seemed a perfect fit.

Favorite Cooking Story: Once, in possession of the terriblest of blenders, I attempted to dislodge some humous with a wooden spoon. The rest of the afternoon was spent not eating delicious humous, but scraping chunks of chickpea mixed with splinters off every surface of the kitchen.

Favorite Sauce: Any kind of peanut sauce.

Lauren Nguyen

Product Marketing

Lauren brings her passion for user experience, psychology, and data to marketing at Sauce. She strives to use her capacities for high concept and high touch together to help spread the word about Sauce Labs. With past experience in marketing, social media, and user experience research at startups, Lauren has found that the startup world is a great place to fuel her addiction to learning.

When she isn't at work fighting for the users, you can find Lauren DJ-ing, dancing to techno, nourishing her infatuation with clothing, making jewelry, recording her dreams, or pursuing one of her other hundred hobbies.

Favorite Cooking Story: I love making pad see ew, but had trouble finding the right rice noodles at grocery stores nearby, so on a hot tip I tried to get some noodles from a noodle factory nearby. I managed to find the place, but they don't have a store front since they mostly sell to wholesalers. I rang the doorbell and found myself in basically a storage room, where I asked a man who barely spoke English for a pound of noodles. They were clearly thrown for a loop; they never had people showing up there wanting to buy noodles, and they weren't even sure what to charge me, but I walked out of there with a plastic bag full of noodles, and I've been showing up there ever since to buy my noodles.

Favorite Sauce: Hoisin sauce! It's a bit sweet and a bit savory, and accompanies some of my favorite dishes..

Colin Pade

Software Developer in Support

Colin loves four things: the Bay Area, eating, the outdoors, and computers. After learning to play Minesweeper in his early years, Colin went on to start a slew of prestigious computer companies in his early years, including Pade’s Computer Assistance, and Pade’s Place, a social forum for his high school (that grew way bigger than anyone expected). After graduating from Cal Poly SLO, Colin spent a couple years at NetApp, and now enjoys helping customers integrate their environments with Sauce Labs.

When Colin isn’t at work spreading happiness, he’s exploring and enjoying the limitations of the world. He loves all things adventure. From skydiving in different countries, scuba diving, skateboarding, downhill mountain bike riding, milking rattlesnakes, eating burgers with too much BBQ sauce on them, backpacking, and skiing; An adventure is always a phone call away for Colin. Currently he is saving up for his private pilots license.

Favorite Cooking Story: Coming from generations of farmers I love nothing more than a simple meal of meat, potatoes, and corn. I can remember making this with my family since the age of 5 in our backyard at home under the Californian sun.

Favorite Sauce: Pesto

Adam Pilger

Sales Development Representative

A Bay Area native, Adam started his career in corporate litigation, managing discovery teams on various IP matters in SF and Silicon Valley. A strong interest in technology led him to Sauce Labs, where he is fortunate to work with great people on a fantastic product.

Adam holds a degree in Psychology from UCLA, a JD from Golden Gate University, and is licensed to practice law in California (though why anyone would choose to do this completely eludes him). An avid cyclist, skier, pilot, fly fishing addict, and travel fanatic, Adam spends much of his free time playing outside.

Favorite Cooking Story: I can’t claim any wizardry in the kitchen, but lately I’ve been making breakfast sandwiches for my roommates and getting pretty high praise. The secret? Bacon. Lots of bacon, rubbed with brown sugar and sprinkled with cracked pepper.

Favorite Sauce: Chipotle! I can’t pronounce it, but I like it anyway.

Justin Raczak

Product Manager

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Justin comes to San Francisco via Chicago and New York City.

He spent the early years of his career working with enterprise clients to deliver products like HBO Go, Adult Swim's mobile apps, and

A mild obsession with product development drove him to the books in 2011 to become a Rails engineer so he could build his own web app (which he swears will launch this decade).

Favorite Cooking Story: My growing nuclear family recently recreated my polish family's tradition of making homemade pierogi for Christmas eve dinner. We make the dough, roll the shells, cook the filling, stuff, and boil together. It's partly about the awesome food but mostly about the hours we spend together in the kitchen.

Favorite Sauce: Aside from its awesome flavor, I love how far the tiniest bit of Pesto sauce can go.

Andrew Rozell

Infrastructure Architect

Andrew has spent the last decade designing and operating infrastructure that enables companies to stay online. From running multi hundred gig backbones to 250 watt/ft data centers he's worked on all the gear.

When Andrew is done writing policy statements and things he slips into a comfortable life as a neo-luddite with an active interest in sustainable agriculture. Turns out callused hands are a good thing.

Favorite Cooking Story: One June I thought, it's June I won't get this 3 ton 4x4 stuck in feet of wet snow in the Cascades 6500ft above sea level. After watching several failed attempts to escape our fate I decided digging out was the only solution. After spending an hour lighting a fire of wet wood and denatured alcohol I was able to cook some unlabeled cans providing all the energy needed to dig out for a whole three hours using a garden spade. It was the third best meal I have ever eaten.

Favorite Sauce: Probably Gochujang but also Curry Ketchup.

Mathieu Sabourin

Software Developer

Half French, half English, Mathieu (pronounced /ma.tjø/ or plain old Mathew) is fresh out of school with a masters in Computer Engineering.

Past Mathieu never really expected that he would end up having anything to do with computers. But now that he is here, he is having all the fun in the world. While not studying, Mathieu has been experimenting with all kinds of programming languages. He is a big fan of OSS and while he does not frown at OSX nothing can replace his love for Linux.

Favorite Cooking Story: Being half French, half English, Mathieu's cooking skills are, like Schrödinger's cat, in a state of limbo. And should probably stay that way. As far as cooking stories go, once while camping a giant pot of pasta was made. The crowd was famished and was eagerly awaiting said pasta. Alas the pot was tipped and the pasta strewn across the ground. The pasta was eaten thus, mixed with the local herbs (aka grass). Some liberty taken with geography, one could consider the grass to be herb de provence. And that is how the day was saved.

Favorite Sauce: HP Sauce, that is all.

Paige Saez

UX/UI Designer

Paige Saez has been working hard at creating beautiful and useful interfaces since 2005. Clients she's designed for include Citibank, Yammer, Wieden + Kennedy, DIY Network, and IFTTT.

She loves riding her bike, dancing, working on giant interactive art projects with various art groups and studying up on the future of human and computer interactions.

Favorite Cooking Story: This past summer I ran a kitchen for 40 people for two weeks at That Thing In The Desert.

Favorite Sauce: Awesomesauce! Tahini, avocado, fresh garlic and lemon juice blended together. On everything.

Jakub Siemiątkowski

Software Developer

Kuba took his first steps in programming at the age of 8, after reading an article about writing viruses in BASIC. Although he didn't have a computer, he started creating his first programs with pen and paper. Interestingly enough, some of the programs actually worked after coding them down many years later.

After trying different technologies, he finally decided to focus on front-end, as it looked to be the next big thing in programming. Kuba has worked for big and small companies as well as a lot of freelance and open source projects. All of this experience lead him to Sauce Labs, a true californian startup and the root of the modern web.

When he is not programming, you can find Kuba either lifting weights or somewhere around his hometown doing urban freeskiing.

Favorite Cooking Story: During one party I thought it would be a good idea to make some scrambled eggs. After half an hour, the fire alarm in the kitchen reminded me about my idea. I called it Kuba's Famous Burned Pan.

Favorite Sauce: I'm not a sauce expert, so I usually use garlic-yoghurt or just ketchup.

Jonah Stiennon

Developer, Ecosystem & Integrations

Jonah is an adventurer, hailing from the far-off, sometimes frigid, always friendly state of Michigan. His latest adventure is working on the Ecosystem and Integrations team at Sauce Labs supporting the Open Source projects which interface with Sauce.

His previous adventure was volunteering to help construct a 70ft wooden schooner on Martha's Vineyard.

He currently has a crush on Node.js, and is anxious about what to get it for Valentine's Day this year.

Favorite Cooking Story: Deep frying on the stove in a foil-covered pyrex dish because that was all he had? Sudden smoke and explosion leaves shattered glass and oil all over kitchen. Vegetables tasted fantastic, affixed note to serving dish: Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO, MAY CONTAIN GLASS

Favorite Sauce: Gorgonzola

Santiago Suarez Ordoñez

Sr. Infrastructure Developer

Santiago or "Santi" comes from an old style software development shop, where he started as a manual tester and led the company towards test automation in the search for productivity. At first, Santi was a Mercury QTP practitioner, but his Open Source instincts drove him towards Selenium. Santi set up the functional automation environment and first tests for eduCommons (OpenCourseWare Consortium, MIT) and has worked on several Python development projects. Santi handled some writing and the entire infrastructure of the Selenium 1.0 official documentation and remains a project contributor.

Santi is originally from Rosario, Argentina and loves driving motorcycles, windsurfing, sailing and enjoying nature. His most recent interests include rock climbing.

Favorite Cooking Story: One day on a friend's boat, we had to improvise to strain the spaghetti. We sacrificed one of the boat window screens which turned out to not be the best decision. We ended up with dirty spaghetti for dinner and mosquitoes inside the boat the whole night.

Favorite Sauce: Santi's first choice when it's time to eat: Bolognese.

Alan Thomas

Software Developer

Alan lives in Kansas City, which–despite the name–is actually located in Missouri.

After a several-year stint in advertising and a long history of web development, Alan brings over to Sauce his love for product development and building web experiences that make users happy.

When he's not writing software, Alan is being a husband and dad, riding his bike, and making sporadic botched attempts at detla blues guitar.

Favorite Cooking Story: A roommate once cooked up a midnight snack in the toaster oven and failed to realize the oven gets almost as hot on the outside as it does on the inside. The coffee grinder sitting on top suffered an unfortunate fate when its power cord insulation melted away. I unknowingly plugged in the grinder in the morning to have it explode in hand and billow smoke throughout the kitchen.

Favorite Sauce: Cholula, or anyhthing with habañero.

Kareema Thomas

Office and Events Manager

Jersey girl turned SF Bay Area transplant, Kareema serves as our Office Manager, keeping the team abreast in all things Saucesome. She has always had an admiration for helping others, whether it be community service or helping a friend pick the perfect spot for a first date. Now at Sauce, she aims to use her niche as a hands-on problem solver to delve into Startup-landia. Knowing a thing or two about how to make people’s day-to-day lives easier, Kareema wears multiple hats. From steering the boat of our office calendar, to critically thinking about the office solutions to make it that much more workable - no two days are the same, and she loves that.

After experiencing four years of boarding school in Boston 300 miles away from home she thought, “What’s another 2,700?” Thus, she packed up, kissed her mom goodbye, and moved to the Bay Area for college where she attended Santa Clara University receiving her B.A. in Art & Art History in 2012. She prides herself on being the definition of consciousness while maintaining a work hard, play hard mentality; always keeping the needs of her team on the forefront, but not forgetting about her love for youth empowerment and her unique background in the arts. Saucing by day, mixed-media painting by night - Kareema finds the balance between problem-solving and creativity, all while having fun doing it.

Favorite Cooking Story: Seven years old. The first time my mom made me eat chitterlings, or what they call in the South “chittlins”... If you don’t know what they are, definitely take a moment and give Google search a whirl. My mom has always been a woman of tradition and in her home state of Alabama, eating chitterlings on New Years Day is sheer tradition. Let’s just say there was a good amount of tears and chewed up chitterlings on my plate. She coaxed me with her famous, irresistible sweet potato pie soon after :)

Favorite Sauce: Close tie between Crystal Hot Sauce and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce. I usually just end up mixing the two - why not?

Chris Wren

Software Developer

Chris is a bay area native from Marin County. Before programming the web, he spent most of his time on the Internet researching and blogging about music. Once becoming a programmer, he developed a passion for open source software, developer productivity, and front-end-tooling which led him to joining Sauce Labs.

When not researching new build tools and front-end technologies, he is usually exploring new music, hiking, or reading.

Favorite Cooking Story: I once made a very rare meal based on a recipe from a master chef. Admittingly, I am more into the cooking dance than cooking itself ;).

Favorite Sauce: Pesto