You, Me, and STP

Posted Apr 17th, 2013

Here at Sauce Labs, the more observant of you have probably noticed we have kind of a 'thing' for testing. You might even say we're obsessed with it. So it was a no-brainer for us to become a Gold Sponsor of STP, the Software Test Professionals conference, which this year is in San Diego, California. But we're not just sponsoring and staying away, like an absentee parent dispatching a child to an oppressive boarding school while we're swanning about Europe, no no no. We'll be on hand to offer life lessons and stern moral guidance! Or, at least, talk about testing, automation, Sauce Labs, and anything else shiny that catches my attention. I'm so keen on talking, in fact, that I'm giving a talk. It's called "But I know what I like", and it'll be a rapid-fire look at how increasing automation is actually a case of increasing abstraction. Basically a tour through testing language and tool abstraction, from a Ruby perspective. The best perspective (NB: I am totally biased). So, if you want to come heckle, it's in the 10:30 - 11:45 slot on Tuesday the 23rd of April. I'll be at STP all week, and I'd love to meet some of you and talk about your tests, what you make, how we can help, and just chill with my fellow geeks. If you'd like to catch up, contact me via Twitter (@dylanlacey) or email. I might even be convinced to dispense some moral guidance (In Australia, we call this 'beer').

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