What's Cooking In The Sauce Kitchen, Vol 2

Posted Jun 20th, 2012

It's time for the summer edition of What's Cooking. Since our last newsletter, we've enjoyed some great momentum, including:

  • Over 18% monthly growth of self-service and contract OnDemand usage
  • Running more than 17 million tests in the Sauce Cloud

And that's not all! Read on for more of what's been going on in the world of Sauce:

Architecture Upgrade Makes Sauce OnDemand Rock Solid Growing pains motivated a major overhaul to the database underpinning the Sauce OnDemand service. We recently blogged about that here—well worth the read. Since rolling out the upgrade, customers have enjoyed in excess of 99.95% availability of Sauce OnDemand.

Selenium Project Leverages Sauce OnDemand To Test New Se Commits Ever wondered how new versions of Selenium are tested? If you guessed with Selenium, you'd be right - and it happens using Sauce OnDemand. The Selenium Project, which tests on a per-commit basis, relies on Sauce for CI testing to ensure each release is ready for primetime. As you might imagine, that's a whole lot of testing - so much in fact that we now count them among our top 5 users. For non-Sauce users, this means new Selenium versions are tested better than ever before, and for OnDemand customers, each new release has been pre-integrated with our service.

Enhanced Sauce Scout With Tabbed Browsing & HTML We gave a major upgrade to Sauce Scout, our cloud-based manual test offering, by replacing the front-end Flash client with HTML5 & Canvas. As a result, users notice much faster browser response times and better mouse tracking. We also added tabbed browsing to Scout, allowing you to launch different browsers from within the same session. Try it out!

Sauce Partner Program Continues To Expand Are you a consultant focused on Selenium and agile coaching? Could your technology benefit from integrating with Sauce’s cloud infrastructure? If so, then have a look at the Sauce Partner Program. Launched a little less than 6 months ago, the partner program includes more than 20 partners located all the world. If you’re interested in getting in front of new audiences and being part of the Sauce ecosystem, email us.

SeConf Videos & Slides Now Available In April, the Selenium Project took over London for the 2012 Selenium Conference, bringing together Selenium users worldwide and core Selenium committers for three whirlwind days of workshops, talks and hacking. For a look at all that was covered, check out the slides, videos and #seconf tweets. Next year’s conference will be back stateside, so keep an eye on @seleniumconf for more details.

And that's the news for now. As always, give us a shout if we can do anything for you.

Cheers! The Sauce Labs Team

Written by

Ashley Wilson


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