What We Learned On The Way To Our Billionth Test

Posted Apr 12th, 2017

After 1,000,000,000+ total tests since our inception, we've learned a thing or two about automated testing and its value. 

By itself, the growth we've seen over our history tells us that automated testing is growing ever more critical to our customers. We've learned a lot about what our customers need from us. Based on a recent customer survey, we know customers are struggling with how long manual testing takes. They've told us that they don't want to maintain an expensive internal grid--it's much easier for them to leverage our platform and let us do the dirty work. 

We've also learned that the type of testing we do is helping development teams grow. 80 percent of survey respondents reported that the maturity of their dev team has improved since they initially purchased and began using the Sauce Labs platform. 

Finally, we've learned that we are central to our customers' success. In the same survey, the responses told us that the top three most important business values that Sauce Labs has provided are: 

  • Improved quality of website and applications
  • Increased velocity of testing
  • Increased confidence in test results

Our billionth test was run by Rajiv Deshmukh from Walmart eCommerce. Rajiv told us that "the ability to run automated tests quickly, and at scale, is central to Walmart eCommerce's continued pursuit of DevOps innovation and excellence--and helps to ensure that we're delivering the highest quality online experience to all of our Walmart shoppers."

That's what it's all about for us! We're here to help. Here's to the next billion. 

Written by

Rebecca Cramer


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