Web Host Industry Review Q&A with Jason Huggins

Posted Oct 14th, 2010

Web Host Industry Review - By David Hamilton, 10/01/10 With more people accessing and relying on Web applications every day, their smooth and efficient operation is no longer just an advantage - it’s a necessity. Designed specifically for testing web applications, Selenium (www.seleniumhq.org) provides a suite of tools that can be used via a Firefox add-on that records clicks, typing, and other actions to make a test that can be played back in the browser, which can help find bottlenecks and other problems. Jason Huggins, co-creator of Selenium Core, creator of the Selenium IE browser extension (Selenium Ice), has helped introduce Selenium to the power of the cloud, in a product called “Sauce OnDemand.” The new service enables users to run Selenium tests in parallel across multiple browsers in the cloud. Read More At Web Host Industry Review

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