The Sauce Labs HipChat Integration

Posted Nov 14th, 2016

Many of our customers work in large organizations where most of the discussions around QA and testing are happening over chat. We noticed that Sauce test URLs are frequently used to provide the context of the conversation, and we decided make access to the data easier with our new HipChat plugin.

Once installed, the new plugin will allow users to view test information without the need to leave the chat window. Just include the Sauce Test URL in your chat and our plugin will quickly present all of the associated metadata and links to all of the assets. In addition to viewing general information, users will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Share video and screenshots with non-Sauce account holders
  • See screenshots and videos (browser version of HipChat only) without leaving the chat
  • See the status of test, error messages and quickly access the builds page

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Installation Instructions & Quick Overview Video

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Thank You,
The Sauce Labs Team

Written by

Yaroslav Borets