Something to be Thankful For: Easier Testing Resource Administration

Posted Nov 26th, 2019

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In the age of continuous testing, enterprise quality teams are undergoing massive organizational changes. Once siloed QA teams are seeing the walls come down as they work with development teams to test earlier, and more often, throughout the pipeline. And as these groups grow in complexity, it’s crucial that they have access to platforms that are flexible enough to meet their testing needs. These include:

  • The ability to easily organize testers into teams, and quickly add new users who need access to testing resources

  • Flexible partitioning tools that allow administrators to allocate the appropriate resources to different teams so that no one gets caught in bottlenecks

  • Industry-standard security features that ensure sensitive test data isn’t exposed to vulnerabilities

Sauce Labs works with some of the largest enterprise organizations, and we understand these needs very well. This is why we have recently updated our team management features to make the daily administration of Sauce Labs easier. The new Extended Team Management tool organizes teams in a flatter structure and provides a suite of features to ensure everyone has access to the proper resources to continue delivering applications at speed. These features allow for: 

  • Easier administration of concurrency

  • Reduced effort with the ability for multiple admins to share responsibilities

  • Faster onboarding by removing the need to place each user into teams initially

  • Simplified chargeback reporting with built-in usage dashboards across the entire org

One of the newest features of Extended Team Management is the ability to configure a logout URL redirect. This enterprise compliance feature enables organization administrators to define a custom URL, and configure Sauce Labs to redirect users who are logged out (by choice or by timeout) to that URL. The organization admin also has the ability to run custom actions, such as making sure the user is logged out from all sessions in all tabs.

To access the logout redirect feature, simply enter the desired URL in the Extended Team Management organization administration page, as you can see below:

Shows a screen shot of Extended Team Management organization settings.

This, and a variety of other features in Extended Team Management, are available to all Sauce Labs customers on an enterprise contract plan. We encourage all Sauce Labs administrators to begin migrating their teams to Extended Team Management as soon as possible, as we are in the end of life process for our incumbent team management tool.

Migration to Extended Team Management is a simple process that only takes a few steps. Our team has put together this step-by-step guide (complete with pictures!) to help make migration easier.

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Alissa Lydon


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