Share Your Live Sauce Manual Sessions for Real-Time Debugging

Posted Mar 27th, 2013

We recently added a new feature to our manual browser testing web client that we're excited about. The "Live Share" feature in Manual Sauce, our interactive testing tool, allows you to share your live browser sessions with coworkers simply by sending a link. You can collaborate using your favorite IM client to demonstrate the exact steps to reproduce a bug you've run into and interact with the browser running on Sauce at the same time! live-share-button To try this out, first start a manual testing session. Once your browser has loaded, look to the header bar for the live share button next to the URL bar. Hover over the button to pop open a dialogue box that lets you specify the email address of the person you want to receive a private, unique link for sharing the manual test session. Then click the share button.


If you leave the email boxes empty and click the share button, no email will be sent but your test's visibility will change to 'share'. This means anyone with the link can access the test session and view it live. If it's easier to share the session directly via Gmail or whatever email client you prefer, just copy the link from the live sharing dialog and send it to your coworker(s).

live-share-enabled To indicate that the tests can by accessed by anyone with proper link, the sharing button will be turned on next to the address bar. You can click this button to turn off live sharing mode. Each time you click that button, it makes a call to our REST API and the test visibility mode is updated (REST API). Please note that by default, the job visibility mode is set to 'private'. This way, only the owner of the test can access it. When you click the button, the mode is set to 'share', allowing everyone with valid secret link to access the test page. We hope you find this new feature useful. And as usual, let us know if you have any questions. Happy testing!

Written by

Bernard Kobos


Manual/Live testing