#SFSE Video: Stripping Down RemoteWebdriver

Posted Mar 13th, 2012

For our February San Francisco Selenium Meetup, Santiago Suarez Ordoñez, Sauce Ninja and Selenium Contributor, dove in to the RemoteWebdriver codebase and emerged with a highly technical talk that covered everything from the DesiredCapabilites object to binding implementations and caveats.

For those unfamiliar, RemoteWebdriver lets you run your Webdriver tests remotely and use Sauce Labs or Selenium Grid to scale your testing. In Santi's opinion, it's the best driver out there, and if you have a look at the video below, you'll get a sense as to why that is. Watch along as he gives a brief overview of what RemoteWebdriver is before going into its architecture design, the JSONWireProtocol, and the pros and cons for using it over other drivers.

Thanks to our friends at Huddler Inc for hosting AND providing ample pizza and beer to keep us happy for the night. To learn more about the San Francisco Selenium Meetup group and attend a future event (we've got one tomorrow night!) visit our meetup page. And if you're interested in presenting at or hosting a meetup, please get in touch!

Written by

Ashley Wilson