Seven Reasons to Come to Our Ruby Hackathon

Posted May 7th, 2013

In the Social Media age, there's nothing, nothing more important then being sharable. And as the continued success of the Gawker network shows, nothing is as sharable as a list of stuff.

So! In order to help you convince your friends to come to our Hackathon (because you were already coming, right? 3pm, Thursday the 9th of May at our office in San Francisco, like we discussed?), we're prepared a handy dandy tweetable pinnable shareable hackernewsable list of reasons why they should.

Oh, and just in case you want to know WHICH Google+ Circle to post it to, our hackathon is open to anyone who wants to play with Sauce Labs, anyone who wants help to get started, anyone who wants to work on the gem and anyone who just wants to hang out and talk testing and Ruby. All that after the jump!

HA! No jump (Blog post by M Night Shaymalan)

Reason One: Help to run Integration tests on multiple platforms

If you've ever wanted to play with multiple platforms, or see how your site renders on XP with IE7 without walking your mum through the screenshot process over the phone, or you're just having problems getting the gem working, there'll be lots of time to get one on one help.

Reason Two: WAAAAAY Faster bootstrapping

4950445842_daabb0ae20_b There's no cost and no obligation to our hackathon, so it's a great place to figure out if and how to get started using Sauce Labs to make your integration tests awesome. Saucers and friends will have suggestions on structure, we know the tricks and features, we know how our cloud testing service works, and most importantly: How it sometimes doesn't. Chances are, if you're having a problem getting started with Sauce Labs, other people have too, and they can stab it through the face for you.

Reasons Three: Get expert Sauce help or just play around

It can be tough to experiment with a tool you're using commercially. There's always a tension that you'll damage your build or cost your company a bunch of money. Plus, maybe the thing you're trying will wind up being a waste of time and your team will be all "duuuuuuude... What about that important thing?" What's great about hackathons is that there's implicit permission to go play with this stuff. Got something you want to try with Sauce Labs? Go ahead. Need a hand fetching screenshots to integrate into your dashboard? Get it.

Reason Four: Hanging with your peeps is cool

481-hrink-i-shall-play-you-the-song-of-my-peopleDevelopers are fun, creative people. It's good for the soul to spend time with your tribe, even without the safety of the internet between you. It can be tough hanging with completely new people, but having a small amount in common makes it easier. It's also tough only spending time with your cohackers at work, even if you get along great. Hackathons are the best of both worlds; they bring together a group of disparate people who still have something in common. You're almost guaranteed to find someone awesome to chat too and broaden your horizons.

Reason Five: Experiment with SPEEEEEEEEEEEEED

Parallel tests are FASTER tests. Come talk and experiment with running your app and tests in parallel. Parallelism can be such a hard thing to get going nicely that being able to sound it out with other people is a real boon.

Reason Six: Tour the Sauce Labs office and get free stuff

If you want to see what we offer, this is a great way to do it! We'll be giving people access to our products to play around with. We have a big, airy warehouse space with a bunch of couches and fun people. We also have stickers. Who doesn't love stickers?

Reason Seven: Add another notch to your Open Source belt

to-the-INTERNETWe have a gem for working with our product, allowing you to easily switch your existing RSpec, Test::Unit or Capybara tests to run on Sauce Labs. Working on Open Source projects is good for the users, but it's also good for the developers. You get your name out there, and provable capability when people need examples (Psst: Like job hunting). It's also a great way to influence the tools you use, and building things is FUN. I often have problems coming up with things I want to build, so helping someone else build something can be very satisfying and less stressful

Reason Seven (a): Free Pizza, Beer and Wifi

Yeah, OK, so this is a "gimme" on tech events in SF. But we'll have them, come consume them! (No Torrenting :P) That's our list! To the Socials! Oh, and don't forget to register for your spot!

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