Selenium IDE 1.0.5 is released!

Posted Feb 19th, 2010

One month (to the day!) after the release of Selenium IDE 1.0.4 was released, 1.0.5 is now available.
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This release fixes a couple really annoying bugs that were introduced in 1.0.4 and starts to build towards the future. Here are the highlights.

  • Self-hosting - Se-IDE will not longer be relying on to be hosting updates. This gives the project more flexibility around when releases are available to users.
  • Back into main project - The code for Se-IDE was in a separate subversion branch than the rest of the current Selenium project which meant its visibility to other developers was lower and that changes were not easily propagated. Se-IDE now lives in the main project so will reap the benefits of the rapidly changing core.
  • User Formats work again - In 1.0.4 there was a bug which meant that while you could add a custom format it would not appear in the list. This has been fixed.
  • Version Display - The version of Se-IDE now appears in the title bar
  • Reload Extensions - A tweak was made to the 'reload user extensions' functionality introduced in 1.0.4 so the toolbar button only appears when you have turned it on.
  • Bool Preferences - Preferences used to only be string values, even when a boolean would have been a better choice. Well, now you have a choice about whether you want your preference to be a string or bool.
  • Plugins Pane - There is a new pane in the Options screen called 'Plugins'. This will become the central means of managing plugins in future releases, but for now it doesn't do much aside from listing which plugins have registered themselves with the (also new) addPlugin(id) API function.
  • Icons - You will see a couple icons now in Firefox for Se-IDE rather than the default ones. Such as in the main Extensions window and in the Tools menu

For the full release notes and who contributed what, see the Google Code wiki Also on the Google Code site is the Issue Tracker for any problems you find. (Just make sure you tag them aside.) And as before, thanks to Sauce Labs for sponsoring my work on this release.
-Adam Goucher

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Adam Goucher