Selenium 2 Webinar: The Next Generation of Web and Mobile Application Testing

Posted Feb 10th, 2011

Curious to know more about Selenium 2? Join Jason Huggins, creator of Selenium, for a webinar devoted to covering the essentials of this new testing tool that combines the best of WebDriver and Selenium. Here's a run-down of what you will learn next Wednesday, 2/16, at 10am PST:

  • iPhone and Android testing – See how Selenium 2 allows you to use built-in Android and iPhone emulators to test versions of your applications on the most popular mobile platforms.
  • Cleaner API for IDE users – Selenium introduces a simplified interface for IDE users that directs you to focus on only two basic objects to construct tests: WebDriver (browsers) and WebElements (anything on a web page). In Selenium 2, every API library is now tailored to each programming language for easier usability.
  • Enhanced scalability – The new Selenium 2 architecture allows developers and QA teams to “scale up and down”. For a single test on a local machine, you no longer need a background server. But when you want to scale up to run tests across multiple machines with multiple browser configurations, Selenium has all the power you’ll need.
  • Improved architecture – The new Selenium 2 architecture has enabled the introduction of a number of features that developers and QA pros will love, including native keyboard, support for mouse events, improved capabilities for handling pop-ups, and more stable browser control.

Written by

Ashley Wilson


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