Se Builder: Released into the Wild

Posted Mar 8th, 2011

Over the last few months, an effort has been underway here at Sauce Labs to take a bunch of interesting test-building technologies, clean them up a bit, and merge them into one project. The result is Se Builder, a new Firefox extension environment for building Selenium tests that combines the best elements of Windmill IDE and Selenium IDE with parts of a proprietary technology Sauce Labs acquired a while back. You may be wondering, "What's the difference between Builder and the already existing Selenium IDE?" While there are many, the big ones are that the user interface in Builder is comprised of standard HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Our hope is that if you use web applications regularly, you will be able to comfortably use Builder. Secondly, we realized that exporting tests in order to run them with your Selenium RC server was unnecessary - so we took that step out. We have big plans for Builder going forward. One of the visions we have is to continue improving the UI so that it makes suggestions to users for constructing better tests, changing it from a simple test generation environment to a teaching tool as well. We have fully open sourced the project on Google Code and set up a Google Group mailing list to help people get their questions answered. We also want to make Se Builder as intuitive as possible, so we have been conducting formal usability testing and actively implementing our findings. The next big step for Builder, which is happening completely via standard OSS process, is a plugin architecture - allowing anyone interested in developing for Builder to expose and integrate custom functionality. Further out, we would love to see forks of the project for each of the different browser plugin platforms. Since there are a couple bits of the project that are Firefox trusted Javascript specific, we would need to abstract that out for each of the platforms. However, the rest of the project is using standard web technologies and jQuery, so we hope porting that part of the project will be a straight forward process. We are excited for as much community involvement as we can get. If you give Se Builder a try, we would love to hear what you have to say! Project Links: Open Source Project Homepage: Builder Google Code Project Mailing List: Builder Google Group Mailing List Download: Builder Google Code Download Link

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Adam Christian


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