SauceCon Speaker Profile - Meet Ashley Hunsberger

Posted Feb 22nd, 2018

Quality architect Ashley Hunsberger is passionate about a few things: traveling with her family, quilting... and transforming culture through DevOps.

Ashley believes that although culture is one of the hardest things to change in an organization, it can be transformed by focusing on some key DevOps principles. At SauceCon, coming up March 1-2 in San Francisco, she will dive into how educational technology provider Blackboard Inc. has adopted iterative improvements by setting a mission and goals, and share examples of work they have done to meet those goals progressively over time.

One of the key aspects to becoming a higher-performing DevOps organization is to break down silos. Testing is at the heart of transforming culture. Teams must think together about the feedback they need and build towards that in order to become truly collaborative. Ashley is here to encourage and inspire teams: it can be done, and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

As Product Quality Architect at Blackboard, Ashley helps establish and drive testing practices throughout the organization. She speaks regularly at industry conferences worldwide, sharing her experience and insights at events such as Selenium Conference, STP Con, TISQA, SauceCon, Quality Jam, and DevOps West. She also enjoys writing as a guest blogger for Sauce Labs between speaking engagements.

Aside from her day job, Ashley’s passions are around family and volunteering. She wants to set an example for her daughters to love what they do. Ashley believes strongly in giving back to the software community and is honored to serve as a member of the Selenium Project’s Steering Committee and now co-chair of the Selenium Conference, with a focus and passion for diversity and inclusion throughout the industry.

And the quilting? Ashley loves not only the math and precision involved, but also the artistry. The whole is greater than the pieces… just like in DevOps.

Join us at SauceCon March 1-2, 2018 in San Francisco, and you’ll get the opportunity to meet and network with Ashley and other experts in the testing community! Register today at

Written by

Rebecca Cramer