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This article was originally published on, and is the fourth in a series highlighting speakers at SauceCon 2019. SauceCon brings together the global community of Sauce Labs users and continuous testing experts to learn from each other and level up their automated testing and continuous delivery skills. This year’s event will be held April 23-25 in Austin, Texas.


Jenny Bramble started out her career in test engineering as a waitress. Of course, she didn’t realize it at the time, but the skills she gained from waiting tables have served her well throughout her professional life. Learning how to communicate needs between several wildly different groups turned out to be an especially valuable skill in test engineering.

SauceCon speaker Jenny Bramble

Even now—after making the jump from support to DevOps to manual and then automated testing—Jenny believes that the human element is foundational.

At Willowtree, Jenny works as the test lead on a project team of 5-8 developers and 3-6 test engineers. She leads their testing efforts and works with clients to get products out that delight their end users. The concept of delighting users truly guides Jenny’s day-to-day work. “Creating products that make you happy to use them feeds the part of my personality that loves people and wants to make an impact on their lives. It’s a reason I got into testing in the first place,” she said.

At SauceCon 2019, Jenny will present “Creating Automation Engineers From Scratch.” She will share her personal experience in adopting and embracing automated testing. “Automation is an incredible tool, but creating automation engineers from manual testers is hard,” she says. “Even if testers are willing, they have a lot of hurdles to get over to feel like the same kind of subject matter experts in automation as they are in manual testing.”

When she isn’t working on delighting clients through automation, Jenny has many hobbies that keep her busy. She quilts, crochets, knits, weaves, cooks and even recently took up axe-throwing! Her two cats, Dax and Dante, keep her company through it all.

You can hear from Jenny and more than 30 other expert speakers at SauceCon 2019, the third-annual Sauce Labs user conference. To see a full list of presentations or to register, visit the SauceCon website.

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