SauceCon 2018 Speaker Profile - Meet Ian Feather

Posted Jan 23rd, 2018

At Buzzfeed, analytics is crucial to creating content that engages. Ian Feather, who leads Buzzfeed’s front end infrastructure team, is passionate about the development feedback loop and having effective analytics to support it.

Although analytics take a high priority at Buzzfeed and elsewhere, validating that it’s always working correctly can be a difficult task. Selenium tests can only reach so far, and sometimes you can end up with tests that offer false confidence in the complete system. At SauceCon 2018, Ian will speak about how Buzzfeed approached this problem and ultimately the solution they chose: using Sauce Labs to run continuous cross-platform tests against their production systems. Ian will share a real-life case study on how BuzzFeed can know their analytics are working correctly, a general technique for testing network requests to downstream systems, and more.

At work, Ian is particularly interested in developer productivity and scaling independent front-end teams. BuzzFeed has moved to a continuous deployment workflow and Ian works on the front-end tooling that they need to support that transition. His role encompasses Continuous Integration, monitoring, and automating as much as possible so that the front-end teams can focus their attention on the product itself.

Originally from Leeds and now working and living in London, Ian loves to run long distances, play basketball and is learning to speak Polish!

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Written by

Rebecca Cramer