SauceCon 2018 Speaker Profile - Meet Corina Pip

Posted Dec 18th, 2017

Do you struggle with a lack of reliability in your Selenium tests? Earlier in her career, Corina Pip did too--but now is passionate about helping the testing community overcome that very problem.

A 10-year veteran of the testing industry, Corina has experience with both manual and automated testing in navigation, mobile devices and online gaming. She now focuses on both back- and front-end testing in an Agile environment. As a Senior Testing Automation consultant currently at NTT Data, she creates testing frameworks and writes tests by means of Java, Selenium, TestNG, Maven and Spring. Corina is responsible for setting up frameworks from scratch, adding framework functionality, writing new tests based on requirements for newly implemented features and updating existing tests.

At SauceCon in March, Corina will be presenting “The Waiting Game--How to Design Reliable Selenium Tests.” She has found that the most common issue when writing Selenium tests is that tests try to interact with page elements when they are not ready, which leads to many false failures. In her talk, she will provide attendees with tips on how to write tests that are reliable, concise, and easy to maintain by using waits. The result? The tests will only fail when the software is failing.

Outside of testing, Corina travels extensively, enjoys photography, drawing, watching sports and blogging.

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