Sauce RC Released for Mac. Marks first-ever fully functional Selenium RC on Snow Leopard.

Posted Dec 9th, 2009

Today Sauce Labs released Sauce RC for Mac. Sauce RC is Sauce Labs' certified, enhanced and commercially-supported version of Selenium RC. This is big news for several reasons:

  • For the first time ever, Mac OS X Snow Leopard users can use Selenium RC, the underlying technology in Sauce RC, on the full range of supported browsers
  • Google Chrome Beta was released for Mac OS X yesterday;  Sauce Labs is shipping Sauce RC support for Google Chrome Beta today.
  • Sauce RC brings the same easy-to-install, easy-to-operate benefits to the Mac that Windows Sauce RC users already enjoy.

And of course Sauce RC is available for Windows.  Both Sauce RC versions can be used with Sauce Labs' Sauce OnDemand cloud-hosted Selenium service.  The combination makes it unprecedentedly easy to use Selenium RC and get immediate access to cross-browser testing on ten (10) popular browsers, including Google Chrome.

Sauce Labs will open the code for Sauce RC following the beta period.  Users interested in the Sauce RC open source release should follow this blog or follow @saucelabs on Twitter.

Written by

John Dunham