Sauce Labs Sponsors the hack.guides() 2016 Tutorial Contest

Posted Jun 14th, 2016

We're excited to announce that Sauce Labs is sponsoring the hack.guides() 2016 Tutorial Contest. Between now and July 30th, 2016, automated test engineers and developers from around the world can share their expertise by creating high-quality tutorials and guides for tips and tricks on using Selenium and writing awesome automated testing scripts. The hack.guides() authoring contest is unique; it brings the developer community together to create and curate collaborative content - all tutorials will be open-sourced on Github. If your tutorial is judged to be the best, you'll be in line to win $500 from hack.guides() Take a look and consider sharing your experiences & best practices by writing about:
  • How to write stable and reliable Selenium or tests
  • How to ensure your Selenium tests work in multiple browsers (Chrome, FF, IE, Safari)
  • How to write source code so that it is easily testable via Selenium (id's, accessibility id's, classname, etc.)
Or anything that comes to mind. For more details, check out the official website. Happy tutoring from your friends at Sauce Labs!

Written by

Bill McGee