Sauce Labs Presents Automated Testing Myth Busters!

Posted Nov 28th, 2016

As more organizations embrace DevOps, Continuous Integration (CI), and Continuous Delivery (CD), deploying automated tests using Selenium (or Appium) scripts has rapidly become the de facto standard. When done right, Selenium tests can be resilient, reusable, and significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to exercise your web or mobile application and give feedback to developers.

But not everyone takes the same approach to writing their test scripts, and we often come across common pitfalls and less-than-best-practices. So we thought we'd round up a few of these bad apples and have our Solutions Architects and Customer Success Managers set the record straight in a new series of video shorts we're calling "Automated Testing Myth Busters".

In our first vignette, Customer Success Manager Samantha Gardener delves into test recording and playback, and why it's not the best approach to writing your automated test scripts. It's a smashing performance!

In our second video, Solutions Architect Leo Laskin sets about dispelling the myth about always using Xpath as a locator strategy - wait for the treats at the end:

The third video in the series features Solutions Architect Neil Manvar puncturing the myth that sleeps are better than explicit or implicit waits:

Do you have some less-than-ideal Selenium or Appium script writing practices you'd like to dispel? Come join us next June 6-8 in San Francisco for our inaugural Sauce Labs User Conference, SauceCon 2017. We'll have automated testing and Selenium experts from around the world discussing best practices, sharing practical experiences, and great networking opportunities. We'll supply the safety goggles - you bring the automated testing myth you'd like to bust! The call for papers is now open, and tickets will go on sale in early December.

Written by

Bill McGee


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