Sauce Labs Joins The W3C!

Posted Feb 27th, 2017

Today, Sauce Labs is proud to announce that it has joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the group of organizations and individuals working to add standardization and interoperability to the user experience of the Internet. The W3C is home to well over a hundred standards adopted in the industry to that end. For some time, leaders in the Selenium community and representatives from browser developers have been working together to standardize the WebDriver protocol and embed it as a first-class citizen in all web browsers. What this means is that the Selenium project no longer needs to maintain its own third-party implementation of the automation technology, and instead we'll rely on full support from browser vendors moving forward into the future.

Given our heavy reliance on and involvement with Selenium, and thereby the WebDriver protocol (which is also used in Appium), we wanted to join the W3C to show our support for the WebDriver effort, along with any future automation standards relevant to testing websites and apps. We look forward to observing and participating in the continued spec development process alongside the existing contributors.

Sauce Labs and the W3C share an important goal, which is the platform-independent quality of web apps, and we're proud to support their efforts in general even as we focus on automation standards specifically.

Written by

Jonathan Lipps


Open sourceSelenium