Sauce Labs Donates Appium Copyright to JS Foundation

Posted Oct 17th, 2016

Today, Sauce Labs is proud to be a part of a significant moment in the JavaScript community and ecosystem, with the official launch of the JS Foundation. The JS Foundation exists to foster innovation and collaboration in the world of JavaScript, and aims to be an umbrella for the wide range of projects that are either written in JavaScript or otherwise participate in the JavaScript ecosystem. Sauce Labs has joined the JS Foundation as a founding member in part because we believe that exciting things are happening in the JS world, around testing and beyond, and want to support the growth of this awesome community.

But this is not all---today Sauce Labs is very happy to announce that we have donated Appium, the current standard in mobile automation around the world, to the JS Foundation! Written in Node.js, Appium is a clear example of the breadth of the JS ecosystem and how JS can power an enormous range of projects useful not only to JS developers but to a much wider audience. Appium has always been an open source project (available under the Apache 2 license), and developed with full transparency to its users. The Appium project is extremely proud of its large contributorship, most of which has no relationship with Sauce Labs. At Sauce, we felt it was time to make a legal reality out of what has been a reality for the project since its inception, and we couldn't be more excited to hand Appium's copyright over to the JS Foundation for long-term stewardship.

Rest assured, this does not signal a reduction of interest in Appium from Sauce Labs; to the contrary, it's an acknowledgement that the Appium project belongs to the community, not just Sauce Labs. Our Open Source team will continue to focus on Appium's development as one of its main priorities. Our hope is that in the coming months, Appium's move to a non-profit foundation will open up new opportunities for contributors and sponsors to be more involved in Appium's roadmap and position in the ecosystem.

At Sauce, we care about testing and DevOps practices in all language communities, and that is part of why we built our test cloud around the vision of Selenium and Appium's language-agnostic design. Stay tuned for how we are continuing to be involved with Python, Ruby, and others. But today we celebrate a wonderful development for the JavaScript community with the introduction of the JS Foundation, and are ecstatic to support it and Appium moving forward.

Happy testing, and happy JavaScripting!

Written by

Jonathan Lipps


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