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Posted Jul 14th, 2014

john_david_daltonFearless Browser Test Automation with John-David Dalton, on August 5 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. Browser test automation can be intimidating, leaving developers to spend their time manually testing browsers (many times in VMs) or opting to simply not test a range of browsers. Join John-David Dalton as he discusses browser test automation, removes the roadblocks/gotchas, and shows lots of awesome things you can do (code coverage, perf testing, tagging, & more). 

About John-David Dalton, Program Manager, Microsoft

John-David Dalton is a Program Manager at Microsoft, working on the Chakra JavaScript engine, helping make your web applications, animations, and games run faster and smoother in Internet Explorer. He’s also the creator of Lo-Dash, co-maintainer of jsPerf and Benchmark.js, and contributes to other open source projects to help developers be more productive & write better JavaScript.

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Bill McGee


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