Recap: Fearless Browser Test Automation [WEBINAR]

Posted Aug 8th, 2014

Thanks to those of you who attended our last webinar, Fearless Browser Test Automation, featuring John-David Dalton. This webinar was presented by O'Reilly and Sauce Labs, a provider of the world's largest automation cloud for testing web and native/hybrid mobile applications.

We hope you found John-David's perspectives helpful, and that if you're now doing manual testing on a limited range of browsers - or no testing at all - you're ready for the awesomeness of automated cross-browser testing.

Missed the webinar? You can watch it in its entirety HERE.

Still scared? Never fear: you can get more tips and tools at the Sauce Labs Documentation Center.

If you’re new to JavaScript testing, here are some resources to get you started. Lastly, please follow our friends at O'Reilly at @oreillymedia, Sauce Labs at @saucelabs, and John-David at @jdalton to keep up with the latest, and feel free to share this webinar using the hashtag #fearlesstesting.

Written by

Bill McGee


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