Recap: Best Practices in Mobile CI [Webinar]

Thanks to those of you who joined us for our last webinar, Best Practices in Mobile Continuous Integration, with Kevin Rohling. The webinar covered topics like:

  • What makes mobile CI so different
  • Best ways to use emulators and simulators in testing
  • Suggestions for CI tools and mobile testing frameworks

Missed the presentation, want to hear it again, or share with a colleague? Listen to the recording HERE and view the slides below.

For this webinar, we took a pool from our listeners about mobile CI and we thought we'd share the results. 198 people answered the following questions:

What CI tools do you use for mobile testing? a. I don't use CI - 18% b. Jenkins - 27% c. Travis - 2% d. Bamboo - 6% e. - 0% f. Other - 6%

What % of your mobile functional testing is automated vs. manual? a. All manual - 15% b. 1 - 25% automated - 25% c. 26 - 50% automated - 10% d. 51 - 75% automated - 7% e. 76% - 100% automated - 1%

What % of your mobile tests are on emulators vs. real devices? a. 100% emulators / no real devices - 10% b. Up to 75% emulators / up to 25% real devices - 12% c. Up to 50% emulators / up to 50% real devices - 9% d. Up to 25% emulators / up to 75% real devices - 18%

Mobile definitely has a long way to go to catch up to web app testing. We'll be sure to keep sharing tips and tricks for optimizing your flow. Happy testing!

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