Re-Blog: Add Some Sauce To Your IE Tests

Posted Sep 4th, 2014

Sauce Labs hearts ThoughtWorks! And apparently the feeling's mutual. Check out this great blog post mentioning Sauce Labs by Tom Clement Oketch. See an excerpt below:

Using Sauce Labs with a Continuous Integration (CI) Service

Running your tests only locally will not get you much mileage, especially if you are working with a sizeable team. Using a Continuous Integration service is therefore essential. Fortunately, Sauce Labs has first class support for a number of Continuous Integration services including JenkinsBambooTravis and TeamCity. The preceding links should contain sufficient information to integrate Sauce Labs with each of those CI services. In our case however, we had already set up Snap-CI as our CI service of choice. Snap-CI currently does not provide such integration with Sauce Labs. We therefore made the following adjustments to include Sauce Labs in our build pipeline:
  • As part of our functional test stage on Snap-CI, it was necessary to set up a tunnel to Sauce Labs using Sauce Connect, otherwise the browsers at Sauce Labs would not be able to run against our application instance in the Snap-CI Build Pipeline. We came across this gist which we altered to suit the requirements of our Snap Build. The gist takes care of downloading, starting and waiting for Sauce Connect to establish a tunnel before the functional tests are actually run
  • The setup remained largely unchanged, except for the use of environment variables rather than the explicit declaration of the Sauce Username and API Access Key. Given that Snap-CI exports a number of additional environment variables during each build, it was also possible to annotate the test descriptions with these variables. Using annotations such as the pipeline counter and the git commit subsequently made it easier to identify the appropriate test in the Sauce Labs test dashboard.
Are you in a position where you need to run IE tests without getting your hands dirty? If so, maybe Sauce Labs can save your time as well. If on the other handyou are more interested in evaluating some of the other options out there, then this guide is a good place to start.

Don't miss the entire post HERE for more code and instruction.

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Bill McGee