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Future Advances in Mobile Hardware — and What They Mean for Mobile Testing
Posted by Twain Taylor in Mobile Development & Testing

Mobile hardware constantly changes as OEMs find ways to push the limits of what's possible with a mobile device. Such mobile hardware changes have implications for the entire application development and delivery cycle, including mobile software testing. QA teams therefore need to stay on top of new trends and ensure the apps they help manage work on outdated devices for as long as possible, while [...]

Looking Back at Our Look Ahead: Revisiting 2018 Software Testing Predictions

A year ago, at the outset of 2018, we (specifically, Vince Power, an experienced IT professional who also happens to be a very nice guy) took a look on the Sauce Labs blog at some of the trends that might define the world of software testing in the new year. As all good software testers know, testing involves not just vetting something before you release it into the world, but also revisiting [...]

SauceCon 2019 Keynote Speakers and New “Saucy” Awards
Posted by Rebecca Cramer

We’ve got some big SauceCon news today, folks! Earlier today, we announced the keynote speakers for SauceCon 2019, as well as a new awards program that we’re introducing for 2019. First up, let’s talk about the conference agenda. We’re especially proud of our speaker lineup, which represents diverse perspectives from across the testing and high tech communities. We have [...]

Predictions for a Digitally Excellent 2019

One of my favorite things about the start of any new year is the flurry of predictions from thought leaders across the technology industry. Some will prove out, others won’t. In either case, it’s always exciting and invigorating to see what the best and brightest expect in the year to come. That’s especially true as we flip the calendar to 2019 and kick off the last year (can [...]

Simulators vs. Emulators: What’s the Difference, Anyway?
Posted by Chris Riley in MobileMobile Development & TestingSoftware Development & Testing

In the world of software testing, it’s common to hear folks talk about simulators and emulators as if the terms are synonymous. To a certain extent, that makes sense. Simulators and emulators are similar in many ways, and the differences between them don’t always matter from the perspective of a test engineer. But the fact remains that simulators and emulators are different beasts. If [...]

What Developers Should Know About Software Testing
Posted by Chris Riley in Software Development & Testing

If you’re a developer, you may not think that software testing has much to do with you, or that you have much to do with software testing. But thinking this way is selling yourself short. It’s true that traditionally, software testing has been the focus of QA engineers who are dedicated to the role of ensuring that software behaves and performs as required to meet user expectations. [...]

Effectively Utilizing Production Testing Data
Posted by Scott Fitzpatrick in Guest Blog PostsSoftware Development & Testing

The term “testing in production” refers to a process that is critical to thoroughly testing an application. It’s the process of continuing to test and monitor code post-release for both disaster recovery preparation and user experience analysis. The process of setting up production testing is easy enough—you simply extend your testing tools and workflows to cover [...]

Selenium Tips: Infinite Loops Take Forever
Posted by Matthew Heusser in Selenium Resources

In Selenium, it's a common for the tool to get ahead of the browser. Thus, the element we want to click on does not exist yet - but it will! We’ll start with a sample html page that pauses four seconds before injecting a link onto the page. In practice, this would probably be a wait for javascript to make a REST API call and push the results into the document. Our naive test for the link [...]

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