Open Source Stories: Q&A with Lo-Dash

Posted Mar 28th, 2014


As you may already know, we LOVE open source. That's why we created Open Sauce; a way to give open source projects the ability to test their projects for free on our cloud.

In the span of a year, we now have over 800 OSS projects testing on Sauce! To celebrate, we’re exploring some of the different projects tested on Sauce with a mini series of Q&A's with users who have produced notable projects using Open Sauce.

Today we're featuring an interview with John-David Dalton of Lo-Dash. Get the scoop below.

Can't get enough of John-David? Neither can we. You can hear him speak at Front End Ops Conf 2014. Register and get tickets now!

What is your OSS project, and what is its goal? Lo-Dash is a utility library with an emphasis on consistency, customization, & performance.

What kind of testing does the project do, both on and off Sauce? On Sauce we automate testing of Lo-Dash in legacy, compat, mobile, modern, & underscore builds (non-minified/minified and modularized AMD builds of each) against Lo-Dash/Underscore/Backbone unit tests. We test against IE6-11, old and new Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. We even test IE compat modes. Off Sauce we automate testing in Node, Narwhal, Phantomjs, Rhino, Rhino -require, & Ringo.

How has testing with Open Sauce helped the project? Testing used to consist of ~2 days of manual testing. With Sauce & its paralleled jobs testing is automated to ~30 minutes.

Do you have any advice regarding testing for other open source projects? Do it. Start small and build then pretty soon you'll have a nice collection of tests. They'll save you so much grief and build trust with your users/developers.

What's next for the project? We are building up to our v3.0 release with lots of features & some changes. Check out our roadmap

How can people learn more about the project or get involved? They can go to or

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Bill McGee


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