New Webinar with Kohsuke Kawaguchi: Using Sauce OnDemand + Hudson

Posted Aug 9th, 2010

Using Sauce OnDemand with Hudson to Accelerate Your Test Cycles Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 11 am PST 

Join Kohsuke Kawaguchi as he leads this special webinar on the benefits of the new integration between Sauce OnDemand and Hudson, the most widely used CI server. Kohsuke is the creator of Hudson and the founder of InfraDNA, the Hudson Company.

Hudson supports distributed builds and multiple extensions, including those for Selenium. Now with the Hudson-Sauce OnDemand plugin, it's even easier to check the builds of your Selenium tests, thanks to the automatic setup and teardown of SSH tunnels to Sauce OnDemand. Tune in to to learn about:

  • Accelerating development, testing and release speed with Sauce OnDemand
  • How to setup and use the Hudson-Sauce OnDemand plugin
  • Current Selenium integrations and upcoming Hudson features

Who should attend: Anyone interested in improving their continuous integration system and testing their apps automatically in the cloud.

Written by

Ashley Wilson