New Sauce Performance Offers Actionable Insights to Improve User Experience and Speed Delivery

Posted Apr 2nd, 2019

Today, we’re happy to officially introduce Sauce Performance: a single solution for both front-end functional and front-end performance metrics that gives developers a more complete view of test environments without having to create new scripts or deploy new infrastructure. No third-party tools required, either!

Sauce Performance uses root-cause analysis as part of front-end functional tests in order to identify performance issues early in the delivery pipeline by collecting performance data as part of functional testing. Once this data has accumulated enough momentum, a Machine Learning algorithm is used to predict and enhance expected performance baselines. This allows the tester to optimize their tests and choose to either use custom set baselines or these algorithmic recommendations. Sauce Performance helps users shift testing left and integrate continuous testing as part of CI/CD to support our customers’ roadmap to digital excellence.

It’s the only front-end performance tool that:

  • Gives developers a more complete view of applications being tested without having to create new scripts or deploy new infrastructure. 
  • Embeds performance baselines as part of CI/CD for continual tracking and immediate capture of regressions across the entire development process, not just production.
  • Incorporates Speed Index, quality of web application (a few metrics of note: Time to First Paint or Time to First (page) Interactive) and optimization opportunities in conjunction with ML/AI to algorithmically set performance baselines.

With Sauce Performance, you can see regressions throughout the development cycle and have continuous insight into variations from baseline performance metrics, so you get real-time insight and can address and fix issues as they occur. The Sauce Performance reports arms managers with the up-to-the-moment information to keep projects on track without compromising an exceptional customer experience.

We all want to delight our customers. Why wait to tackle app performance and degradation at the end of the development cycle when you can shift it left with Sauce Performance?

Sauce Performance is a key ingredient in your DevOps pipeline that can help your business become more agile by releasing more frequently without sacrificing quality. Get started providing a reliable end-user experience today: Learn more about Sauce Performance.

Written by

Kimberly Falk


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