New Release of Sauce RC (Sauce Labs' enhanced / extended Selenium RC)

Posted May 13th, 2010

We're pleased to announce the release of a greatly improved version of Sauce RC that incorporates excellent user feedback and addresses the most significant bugs in the earlier version (Mac release is coming soon). Here is a partial list of changes:

  • Experimental HTMLSuite support for local Selenium RC mode
  • OnDemand mode loggging
  • Log highlight
  • More efficient log retrieving
  • Improved preferences validation
  • Upgrade to jquery 1.4.2 and jquery UI 1.8
  • More stable web server (CherryPy based)
  • Ensure clean uninstall
  • Many bug fixes.

Using our new public job feature*, we can share the video and you can even see the full job results page for the test that recorded the video. Feel free to tweet and share with anyone! * Go to any of your jobs and above the video, you will find a "Make Public" link ;)

Written by

The Sauce Labs Team