New Owner Filter on the Automated Builds Tab

Posted Nov 10th, 2016

Users want easy access to the jobs of other team members within an organization

As larger organizations adopt Sauce for testing, we wanted to make sure that the web interface enables better collaboration across teams. After reaching out to many of our customers, we’ve learned that users want easy access to the jobs of other team members within an organization.

Frequently, users are running the majority of their tests on a set of dedicated accounts and depending on where they are located in the sub account hierarchy, access to these jobs and builds might be limited. In order to break down artificial barriers and expose the entire team’s activity to every user within the organization we will be adding a set of filters directly on the dashboard and archives pages. (Note: jobs that are marked as “private” won’t accessible.)

  1. New Owner filter on the Automated Builds Tab
    Users can now filter for builds by owner directly on the Automated Builds page. For example, this functionality allows users to see currently running builds across their entire organization or only the ones that were executed by an individual account.
    new owner filter
  2. New Status filters on the Automated Tests and Automated Build tabs
    In addition to the owner filtering option, customers can now quickly filter test results by status in order to focus in on areas that they find to be interesting or to simply clean up test results.
  3. Simplified filtering by group on Archives
    Finally, we understand that the Dashboard only provides a limited view into the organization’s testing activity and wanted to make sure the same functionality is available on the Archives page.

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