New Headless Browser Testing Offered to Help Speed Development

Headless browsers are gaining in popularity as a viable option for testing web-based apps. As discussed in our Headless Testing 101 blog post, this is a great way to test efficiently in the early stages of your software development process. We just announced a new offering that we’re particularly excited about: Sauce Headless, which is the first-of-its-kind cloud-based headless testing solution that will help development teams accelerate software development.

Sauce Headless is a new, industry-first offering that provides cloud-based headless browser testing on containers. Designed with development teams in mind, Sauce Headless will give developers instant access to fast and reliable test results at a cost-effective price point.

At Sauce Labs, we strongly advocate for continuous testing: applying automated testing throughout the software development process. However, teams may have different needs for testing at the beginning of the cycle vs. at the end. That’s where Sauce Labs comes in. With Sauce Headless, developers will have access to a lightweight cloud-based infrastructure that will come in handy to run a high volume of tests early in the development cycle and receive instant feedback on the quality of their code.

Sauce Headless offers headless Chrome and Firefox browsers in a container-based infrastructure to test web applications. This allows for the volume and frequency of early pipeline testing, as it meets speed requirements and offers a more cost-effective solution. Just as with virtual machines, development teams don’t have the time and resources to build, troubleshoot, and manage a container-based testing grid on their own. Sauce Headless fills this need and allows you to achieve instant feedback and massive scale, without the pain of managing any internal infrastructure.

Sauce Headless will launch in public beta for enterprise customers in January 2019. If you’re interested in participating, sign up for the public beta here.

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