New Debugging Tools Make Sauce Scout Even More Saucy

Posted Jul 6th, 2011

In our ongoing effort to improve the lives of developers, we’re thrilled to announce an improvement to Sauce Scout that will change your development and debugging workflows in a major way.

The Tools
The goal of the first – Sauce Launcher – is to allow developers to go from their development browser environment to a virtual machine with different browsers installed in just two clicks. Instead of saving up all the IE testing until a project is complete and ready to be shipped, you and your team can regularly pull up your application in different browsers to see how things are coming together. You can give it a try now by installing either the Firefox Add-on or the Google Chrome Extension.

While it’s certainly important to ensure that your application looks reasonable in other browsers, it’s arguably even more key to be able to do inline JavaScript debugging and have the ability to manipule your code and the DOM right on the page. To address this, we’ve installed browser debugging tools on each of our Scout virtual browsers, including Firebug, the IE Developer Toolbar, and both the Safari and Google Chrome debugging tools.

What’s it to you?
It’s no mystery that over time, VMs build up caches, experience data corruption, require updating – the list goes on. Not to mention, setting up a testing infrastructure is costly and time consuming, and maintaining one can be even harder to deal with. Sauce Scout aims to eliminate these headaches by not only firing up any browser on command, but also serving you up a fresh VM instance every time you ask for a browser.

This ensures that the issues you see are happening in an environment that is void of outside influences and gremlins. This also means that you can stop worrying about security. No one else will ever again have access to your VM and the trail of cookies you’re leaving around will be wiped out forever.
Give it a try!
To experience Sauce Scout for yourself, sign up for a free account to get 200 minutes each month to test all of our browser / OS combinations. We’re also giving away 1,000 free minutes a month to Open Source Projects who feel Sauce Scout could significantly improve their quality. And, as an added bonus, if you subscribe (as in, put in a credit card :-)) for our service during the month of July, you can take advantage of our “sooo cloud” promotion and get a free Sauce t-shirt.

As always, we really appreciate feedback and suggestions, especially if you are a developer and have ideas on how we can make the experience better. Please leave your comments below or head in to our new forums. Happy testing!

Written by

Adam Christian


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