New Browser Version Shortcuts

Posted Mar 10th, 2016

We have released a brand new desired capability shortcut that will allow you to quickly take advantage of the latest desktop browser versions as soon as they are available on Sauce Labs. We've noticed that most of our customers perform the majority of their testing on the latest browser releases and, as such, they have to manually adjust their desired capabilities whenever a vendor releases a new browser build.

As part of this update you can now can specify "latest" as a browser version in your desired capabilities and Sauce Labs will always serve the latest stable version of the chosen browser. Additionally, users who are interested in testing on browsers that are several versions behind latest, can specify "latest-1", "latest-2", "latest-3" or essentially "latest(minus)n" as way to obtain previously released browser builds. Currently this functionality is extended to all of our desktop browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Example Desired Capability Platform Combination
'browserName': 'Chrome'
'platform': 'Windows 10',
'version': 'latest'

Windows 10 + Chrome 48
'browserName': 'Chrome'
'platform': 'Windows 10',
'version': 'latest-1'

Windows 10 + Chrome 47
'browserName': 'Chrome'
'platform': 'Windows 10',
'version': 'latest-5'

Windows 10 + Chrome 43

Finally, if the chosen configuration is not supported, the job won't be started and Sauce Labs will reject it without booting a VM and using account minutes.

An example of the faulty configuration:

'browserName': 'safari', 'platform': 'OS X 10.10, 'version': 'latest-5' The configuration above will fail to start since our service supports only one version of Safari browser per OS X. If you have any questions please reach out to our support department Happy Testing, The Sauce Labs Team

Written by

Yaroslav Borets