Mobile Testing with Carrier Network Connectivity

Posted Jun 12th, 2018

Earlier this year Sauce Labs introduced Carrier Network Connectivity for our Real Device Cloud. Carrier Network Connectivity allows private cloud customers to connect one or more of their private devices to a carrier network in order to complete testing scenarios which are not feasible using a WiFi only connection.

Carrier network connectivity allows you to test use cases such as:

  • Sign in using a call
  • Sign in using a text message
  • Send a text message from app
  • Receive a text message from a service

Carrier network connectivity gives users the ability to test their mobile apps under real world conditions. Check out this video of Asaf Saar, Product Management Director, as he shows network connectivity in action.

To learn more about Carrier Network Connectivity for the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud, click here.

Written by

Clinton Sprauve


Mobile Testing